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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 22nd May 2018 Written Episode Update

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 22nd May 2018 Written Episode Update


Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 22nd May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts with Stunning consoles kulfi, kulfi says I turned out poorly fight, lovely says I realize that and I will converse with Amyra about it however that doesn’t mean you will let our mystery out,kulfi says goodness right our mystery of me singing shouldn’t be out,lovely says yes not in pity nor in joy presently quit crying I’m going you rest,and recollect it’s our mystery.

Amyra says I’m so furious mother I can’t deal with that boy, lovely says yes infant, however, you have to control the outrage yet you were letting we emit out in your outrage would you like to and if father takes along these lines and gets irate and Denys contract, you need that, Amyra says no mother and embraces her.

Roshan lauds about the tune to Sikander and says I’m the devotee of this song, and here’s agreement and see you soon to record after rehearsal, Sikander says we should

record today I can, Roshan says I implied Amyra didn’t flawless tell you, she was so great I was in tears and I turned into her fan, Sikander associates all the past scenes and exquisite’s falsehoods and gets furious.

Kulfi in tears and converse with Jonny about missing her family in village, kulfi says was Amyra right does nobody adore me,jagira strolls in and says that is not true, kulfi says that is wrong you shouldn’t hear our talks, it’s terrible manners,jagira says me and Jonny are old friends, look you are not an awful kid and you can change your fate,

kulfi says destiny is such a major thing in what capacity will I, he says with your hands and hard work, here telephone call your village, kulfi takes a gander at portable and says mother doesn’t have phone,jagira says Some one must have at any rate compose a letter,kulfi says I don’t know to compose in light of the fact that mami never enabled me to go school,mama said when I will meet my dad he will send me to school,he says I will compose for you.

Jagira gets pen and paper, and asks what’s your mom name, kulfi says setup,jagira asks address,kulfi recollects mother denying not to tell anything and says I can’t advise you,mama has requested that me not tell anyone,jagira says where will I send letter at that point and for what reason did mom say that kulfi runs out.

Amyra honing singing,kulfi hears her and imitates,Amyra asks who is it,come in,kulfi says God help us flawless ma’am had asked not to, kulfi strolls in and says are you still angry, Amyra says great you came I have excused you how about we be companions again, kulfi says I have such huge numbers of companions in town and We should make companions.

Amyra says I will show you English and you talk in front of mama and she will love it. Amyra shows universes like stupid, donkey and numbskull to kulfi, and says go talk before mom. kulfi leaves and Amyra says what you figured you will take my father’s love from me.

Sikander driving in anger, stops his auto gets out and shouts.cutie says in what manner will you persuade kulfi to sing for amyra, kulfi strolls to cutie and says you moron to welcome her, cutie and exquisite shocked,cutie says how could you it’s your blame lovely,amyra stands aside and begins laughing,kulfi says why are you furious I was simply needed to inquire as to whether you are fine,so are you stupid, cutie says is this what your folks educated you, lovely says mother wait, kulfi is Saying something wrong, kulfi says graciously I committed an error I need to state sorry and says donkey,cutie slaps him, lovely says mother leave he is a child.

Exquisite say shh, kulfi clarifies what she said, lovely asks who showed all of you this, kulfi takes a gander at Amyra,Amyra says cmon mother it’s so funny, lovely says very Amyra, and kulfi never say these words, kulfi flees.

Stunning takes Amyra with her and says she is infant like you why are you carrying on like this, Amyra says for what reason shouldn’t I, lovely says in light of the fact that he, and stops and says simply tune in to what I say and stop this conduct please and clears out.

Stunning strolls to Sikander and asks how was your meeting, Sikander says superb,Sikander asks how is Amyra, lovely says I know she is carrying on silly yet she will be fine, Sikander says I know we shouldn’t mislead each other, lovely begins panicking, Sikander says don’t hesitate to converse with me, tell me flawless and investigates her eyes, what’s your mystery with Amyra.


Precap :


Sikander asks whose voice was that on the grounds that Amyra can’t sing that. Kulfi Hiding close pipes and singing, Sikander sees her.

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