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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 29th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 7th June 2018 Written Episode Update

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 29th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 29th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Sikander gets down his auto individuals cheering for him,media asks where is your better half and daughter,your entire family is here,any misunderstandings,Sikander says no my girl has her exams so at any rate I need to get in.

Kulfi lands with flawless and others and they wearing scarf,amyra says quit mumbling kulfi you have to stroll with state of mind on red carpet,amyra trios,kulfi holds her and says overlook all that walk legitimately.

Setu hears kulfis voice and says must be my imagination, I need to meet Sikander and goes by kulfi unconscious it’s her.setu going to get in Sikanders room, guards stop him,Sikander gets passionate and says no one but he can enable me to get my kulfi please let me in,guards push him away,kulfi watch that ignorant it’s setu who is being pushed.

Stunning says kulfi remain her with mother and amyra I will be back,kulfi begins giggling taking a gander at rollers in amyras head,and says it looks so funny,amyra says dustbin close up,go away and shouts,cutie says for divine beings purpose allow us to sit unbothered.

Cyrus illuminates exquisite and minti about the arrangements,lovely says extraordinary flawless it’s what I need,cutie turns and sees kulfi missing and says gracious god kulfi he is missing,amyra alarms too,how will I deal with my execution now,mom will murder me,cutie says I generally knew this arrangement is high hazard.

Maninder says gunjan you looking so lovely today,she says for what reason did you purchase so costly saree,Maninder says pinki has sent this for you,with a note to my dearest aunt.dadi says I had an inclination that I saw kulfi.maninder says she is home.

Kulfi says god this resembles a charge however in what capacity will I perceive my father among this,god please help,kulfi sees a person saying please serve my manager this drink he is extremely well known singer,kulfi supposes he is her father.

Beautiful admonishes cutie,minti says I revealed to you dazzling this is a hazardous song,cutie says for what reason wouldn’t you be able to consider playback why you needed kulfi to sing live,lovely well because of amyra she upset kulfis cords,amyra says quit battling and go search for kulfi,lovely says we should go.

Setu going to serve artist and kulfi behind him,the program starts and host Karan tends to the crowd and invites Sikander on stage,setu and kulfi both in tears,setu says I wish kulfi was here I could disclose to her look here is your dad.kulfi dashes setus hand and moves ahead,setu leaves to clean the plate.

Sikander addresses the audience,kulfi takes a gander at the artist and says he looks so old how might he be my dad,Sikander welcomes a vocalist from the stage,kulfi says no this close relative is wearing torn garments and uncle didn’t tell her,he can’t be my dad,MA disclosed to me that father met her first time to restore her dupatta.

Kulfi covers up to abstain from coming into spot light,Sikander thanks every one of the visitors of honour.kulfi says he might be my father what will I address him however and takes a gander at the artist and says daddy yet he doesn’t take a gander at her,kulfi pulls him by shirt,he asks what do you want,kulfi asks are you my dad,he asks who sent you,how might you venture to converse with me this way,kulfi says my MA said my father is a well known artist in Mumbai,kulfi supposes I committed an error I think and says sorry and clears out.

Setu comes there and arrives and gives the artist a drink.Sikander says I wish my girl and spouse were here with me today,setu hears that and gets emotional, Sikander says my first melody to them my life,setu says he is missing nimo and kulfi why it implies he knows every little thing about them, Sikander starts with his performance,kulfi in tears tuning in to the song,Sikander missing them while singing sing,setu in tears thinking Sikander is missing nimo and kulfi.dadi gets passionate as well.Sikander completes his song, the audience gives an overwhelming applause.


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