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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Kulfi says for what reason wasn’t I care, in town everybody uses to come searching for me, but here nobody will desire me, no one even knows I have fallen in this pit. Father comes to Sikander place, lovely says please come in,dad says look you more likely than not overlooked Sikander yet I haven’t,lovely says please come in,it’s for amyra I require help for her,dad says her granddad will do anything for amyra,lovely says I need you to call Roshan kumar and request that he give amyra the offer to sing in his film,dad says wouldn’t you be able to persuade your better half do this little task,lovely says I did, however, he and his standards and afterward the birthday incident, dad says we will welcome Roshan home and after that discussion with him, like flawless says thank you, dad, dad says alright and recollect when Roshan will be here it will be only our family and not Sikanders, lovely says alright.

Kulfi yells for help,kulfi says what will I do like nobody will want help,let me sing,kulfi begins singing,two alcoholic men hear her voice,drunk men say we are flushed right yet at the same time we hear such lovely voice,kulfi hears them talk and stop,men say for what reason did this music stop it was so pleasing,kulfi begins singing again and requests help through her tune.

Amyra singing, Amyra begins conversing with Jonny, however, he runs away, lovely strolls to her and says didn’t I instruct you to practice,Amyra says I was,I’m simply taking a break, lovely says do you have any thought how hard I’m functioning for you, so till I’m back I need this melody to be prepared and better be good, Amyra asks where are you going, lovely says going out with Minti. Amyra begins rehearsing once more.

A man strolling pass asks them for what valid reason play a melody on roads, they say it’s originating from this whole, the man peeps in, kulfi says please help, I fell in this pit while I was running, lovely going by however doesn’t help and leaves uninformed of the circumstance.

Water begins expanding in the pit, kulfi says help, people begin gathering,a fellow comes there and says remain there I will be back soon,lovely makes Sikander calls, and he doesn’t answer,Minti says cmon he should be occupied in recording, just in light of the fact that he has illicit relationship in the past so doesn’t mean you will keep him on the radar.

Sikander calls lovely, lovely asks where are you, Sikander says I was in recording, lovely says you will call and message me when you are done, Sikander says as you say. Kulfi begins singing again, people keep gathering, two ladies come there and begin faulting government and say we will challenge government, the fellow says quiets down this kid is singing and we take it as a sign that he is fine,look kid you sing we have educated BMC,help is on its way,kulfi starts singing and has Nimrat at the forefront of her thoughts.

BMC desires help, they put a ladder, kulfi climbs up, lovely and Minti again going by stop due to crowd,kulfi sings as she gets out,all make the most of her sing,lovely asks what is going on,a man reveals to her a kid had fallen in the pit,lovely gets down to check who the kid is who fathered such a large number of with his voice,everybody acclaims kulfi.

Stunning sees alcoholic men and says it’s a terrible thought let me go I need to focus on Amyra, and informs Minti regarding it, Minti says Amyra is going to sing, right I have vital work,lovely observes security and stop the auto and goes home walking, man says come let me drop you home, kulfi says I have nobody in this town and leaves pondering the conduct she looked in Sikanders house.




beautiful tells Amyra there was a child who assembled such a large number of individuals for what reason wouldn’t you be able to sing like him, Amyra says in the event that he was so great why not influence him to sing and leaves, lovely says return alright fine I will influence him to sing them. Sikandar gets some information about kulfi,jagira says he cleared out the house, Sikander asks what.


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