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Kumkum Bhagya 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts with Lord preparing for gathering. Tarun comes and says I have to converse with you. He tells that some rockstar director Aaliya is offering cash to his fans requesting that they accomplish something with the goal that coordinators believe that he is more mainstream. Lord says that is so silly, lets demonstrate who is the genuine ruler. Abhi and King go to the stage. Commentator gives presentation of Abhi and King. Dadi asks where are others? Mitali says their question and answer session is later.

Abhi and King see each other. They shake hands. Abhi says so you are an artist.. Ruler says music businesses terrible days have come. Abhi says I will sing and approaches him to leave singing for him. He says I didn’t see you or heard your name. Lord says same here, even I didn’t hear your name or see your pic. Abhi says you are fortunate to see me and

have zero chance to stand in front of me. He says supports got man like her. Abhi says I am ideal, I make records. Lord says I am best of best, I break records. Host reports that King and Abhi will perform now. Media inquires as to whether they like each other’s music. Lord says I like Rap and contend with Abhi. Abhi says I didn’t see or heart you. Columnist asks will’s identity on cover page. They say Abhi. Ruler asks individuals how they can choose, and tells that they all are employed with the goal that they can cheer for him and go ahead cover page. .Pragya goes to the meeting corridor and presents her as chief. She don’t see Abhi’s storing. Abhi says I don’t have to purchase anybody and says they all know me.

Ruler gets irate on Abhi and requests that he mind his modest moves and says your regard will go. Purab chastens Aaliya. Financial specialist requests that they quit battling and says you both are ideal. Lord requests that Tarun tell who took the cash. Tarun says Rohit. Abhi reviews Purab informing him regarding Aaliya. Media inquires as to for what reason did he do this for shabby reputation. Rohit says I will keep on cheering for Abhi. They start battling. Pragya comes there and tumbles down.

Dadi encourages her to get up. She gets enthusiastic and embraces her. Pragya gets passionate and clears out. Dadi requests that Mitali take her to Abhi. Aaliya inquires as to whether he is fine? Abhi inquires as to whether Aaliya has done this? Purab says yes. Abhi admonishes Aaliya for doing the shabby tactics and says today I am embarrassed. He requests that Aaliya advise Organizer to expel his name from the cover and the arrangement is off. He requests that she apologize as well.

Lord is taking off. He sees Pragya crying and asks what was the deal? Pragya says too bad. Lord tells that he has seen such a shabby man and says business strategies don’t work in the music world, and says he acts as though I have grabbed his valuable thing. He says bargain is off. Pragya tries to quiet him down. Lord tells that he has paid off the general population to get the consideration and to go ahead cover page. Pragya requests that Tarun take him and says she will bring his coat.

Suwarni Dadi gets back home and tells that today she is exceptionally glad. Tanu yells and requests that she be watchful. She says I don’t have room schedule-wise to go to Doctor with you. Disha says Tanu? Tanu chides her and requests that who are you let me know. Dasi says we as a whole need peace here, and that is the reason we didn’t let you know. Tanu says you will be terrified with my words.

Suwarni requests that she end up noiseless. Tanu says I can make you quiet and says you don’t know who am I? Suwarni Dadi says chudail will look great like you. Tanu irately discloses to her that she is bahu of the house and Abhi’s better half. Suwarni Dadi says you can’t be bahu, however unfavourable. She says you influenced me to overlook the uplifting news and requests that everybody host get-together as their Pragya is returning. Everybody is stunned.




Tanu discloses to Abhi that he needs to consider her, being hitched to her and not to consider Pragya. Abhi yells at her and says you are not my significant other.


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