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Kumkum Bhagya 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Suwarni Dadi advising everybody that Pragya will get back home soon, as she met her in Abhi’s question and answer session. Mitali says she additionally observed her. Everybody get upbeat. Suwarni Dadi tells that Pragya will return and was looking exceptionally lovely, met and embrace me in the meeting. Tanu gets furious. She hears Mitali and Tai Ji talking. She inquires as to whether he saw Aaliya. Robin says yes and says she is exceptionally furious. Aaliya is irate. Tanu tries to converse with her, yet Aaliya requests that she leave.

Aaliya believes that person destroyed my hard work and supposes I can’t lose my sibling professionally. Tanu yells requesting that her not take her assistance. Does taiji inquire as to whether she truly observed Pragya? Mitali says I truly observed her with my eyes. Taiji asks truly? Mitali says I advised this thing to make Tanu envious. Suwarni Dadidoes hifive with him. Tanu considers Pragya and beverages wine, supposes you can’t return in my life and can’t grab Abhi from me.

Pragya comes to King and solicits how might he think from leaving the agreement. Ruler says he can’t impart the phase to such person. Pragya says I would have realized that you would battle. Ruler says it was that coordinator’s missteps who supports his occasions and made his collections. Pragya asks who is he? Ruler says everything is in name and says I can leave the arrangement, yet not contempt.

Pragya says we have come here for your fantasy, it is Kiara and my fantasy as well. Ruler says alright and concurs not to leave contract, but rather he won’t let her include in the agreement. He says he needs to demonstrate that everything happened in view of his confidence. Pragya says you are getting to be obstinate. Lord says I won’t leave the agreement, however, will settle down scores between us. Pragya requests that Tarun run with King and requests that he call her. She supposes who is he? Abhi thinks King said great fouled up. He supposes for what reason do I feel irate and contempt for her. Suwarni Dadi asks him where is Pragya?

Abhi asks Did Pragya come? Suwarni says you are romancing with her furtively and says she saw her in the meeting. Disha and Dasi take her inside. Abhi takes Pragya’s name and is enthusiastic. Tanu thinks about Pragya’s words that she doesn’t know whether she (Tanu) has kumkum in her predetermination or not, considers Suwarni Dadi’s words.

Abhi is enthusiastic and a melody plays… ..He comes to the room. Tanu discloses to Abhi that you are envisioning her as Dadi saw her. Abhi says I can do anything, however, won’t do all things considered. Tanu says I am your significant other, however, she is in your heart. She says that regardless you consider low-status lady. She says I am your significant other and is far away, however she is close albeit far. Abhi says you simply name purpose spouse and not my genuine wife.

Suwarni Dadi asks Taya Ji to tell for what good reason did Pragya haven’t come? Mitali comes there. Dadi asks her. Mitali says Pragya… Everyone request that Mitali go. Suwarni Dadi gets some information about Pragya and says Mitali needed to let me know everything, except you, halting her. She requests that Disha tell, requests that dasi say and says you have fizzled and couldn’t deal with home. No one advises her.

Suwarni Dadi tells that she will ask Abhi and goes out. Abhi reveals to Tanu that she got spouse’s property and name. Tanu says we are hitched and the world thinks about it. Abhai asks what is the evidence and says Pragya used to have kumkum and Mangalsutra, she had the privilege to stroll with me.

Tanu says she was obsolete and gave you that reasoning. She sincerely extorts him and says Dadi must be heard as you are taking Pragya’s name who was in charge of her demise. She advises that she needs him not to take Pragya’s name when he is with her. Abhi says when he was with her. Tanu thinks at least world realizes that I am having Mehra surname and decides not to give Pragya a chance to come between them.




Kiara sees Abhi on TV and requests that Pragya see. Pragya picks her fallen portable from the floor and takes a gander at the TV screen.


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