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Kumkum Bhagya 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts with Tanu asking Abhi where is he going? Abhi says it is none of your issues. Suwarni Dadi comes there and inquires as to whether he adores Pragya or not? Abhi requested that Pragya not go out while he is away, but rather Pragya goes to the summon which took Dadi from him. He tells that Pragya has broken his trust.

Suwarni Dadi requests that he convey Pragya back and not to hurt himself. Abhi requests that her rest. Suwarni Dadi advises that Pragya has a place with him and she will return. Dasi comes and says I have to converse with you. She takes Suwarni Dadi from that point. He broke a connection with Pragya and advising that she has no privilege to remain with him, and announcing her dead for them. Dasi reveals to Suwarni Dadi that the lady in the meeting can’t be Pragya, as she isn’t in Delhi. She says she can’t return to this house. Suwarni Dadi is stunned.

Kiara converses with her new dolls and says she is a missing treat. She supposes to call Abhi from Pragya’s telephone and requests that he restore her treat. Pragya comes there. Kiara takes a gander at the telephone in her grasp. Pragya inquires as to whether Dadi encourages you? Kiara says yes. Pragya says she is worn out and switches on TV.

A correspondent tells about the contention between two artists. Kiara quiets the TV and approaches Pragya for the telephone. Pragya searches for the telephone. It is tumbled down. Kiara sees Abhi on TV and requests that Pragya see doll chor. Pragya lifts it up and takes a gander at King on TV. She reveals to Kiara that doll hoodlum must be there. She gets enthusiastic. She unmutes the TV and hears that King battled with a huge vocalist.

Disha discloses to Suwarni Dadi that Abhi revealed to Pragya that he will keep the basis of their dead connection, and that is the reason she cleared out home. Suwarni Dadi says for what reason did Abhi do this and says we should make them meet. Dasi says she can’t return, as she would have returned at this point on the off chance that she needed to come. Dadi says no one but Pragya can recuperate his injuries.

Abhi is drinking and considers Pragya. Milke Bhi melody plays… ..He hears Pragya calling him Suniye… .and looks all over. He turns and sees Suwarni Dadi. She inquires as to why you made your condition terrible and why you are harming yourself. Abhi says, Dasi… Suwarni Dadi says you have harmed yourself and inquires as to for what reason did you stop her. She reveals to him that Pragya is in a similar city and says your story can end as it is alive. She says I have seen her and requests that he go to a phone call and demonstrate Pragya’s pic there. She requests that he believe her and go. Abhi is reluctant. Suwarni Dadi gives him a guarantee. Abhi clears out.

Pragya calls Tarun and inquires as to whether everybody is fine? Tarun says yes and tells that he will bring King home. Pragya thinks thank god, Chachi and Tarun. She supposes to inquire as to whether she needs anything and requests that Kiara not gets terrified. Kiara gets up, yet claims to rest. Pragya supposes she is resting and goes. Kiara thinks about Abhi’s number to send him a message.

Lord crashed into Abhi in the gathering lobby and their contention in which King reveals to Abhi that he can’t grab anything from him, and Abhi telling that he will get the things which have a place with him. They move each other. Abhi tells his name and says the individuals who don’t transform, I change their lives by crushing them. Fb closes. Lord supposes I will give respond in due order regarding his misconduct. Tarun sees King driving carelessly and thinks to call Pragya, however her call is occupied.

Kiara calls Abhi, yet he leaves his telephone in his room. Abhi is in the auto and reviews his minutes with Pragya. He requested that Pragya clear out. He calls her. Pragya hears him and says Haan Ji. Yaad melody plays… She gets weepy eyes. Abhi is driving the auto still. He reviews Dadi requesting that he demonstrate pic to security, he says where are you?




Tanu picks the call. Kiara requests that she advise Abhi to restore her treat. Simply then Pragya comes and calls her. Tanu hears her voice. She comes to Purab. Disha reveals to her that Purab won’t help her. Tanu says the issue is of Abhi, as he is in Police station.


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