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Kumkum Bhagya 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Tanu picking Kiara’s call. Kiara gives her presentation and says that great looking doll chor has stolen my treat. Tanu says it isn’t right number. Kiara says it is opportune time and would prefer not to restore my treat. Tanu requests that her mind her dialect and says Abhi isn’t here. Kiara requests that her ask Mr. great looking to restore her treat. She says you would have played with doll in your youth.

Tanu says no, I didn’t play. Kiara says then you are not a young lady. Tanu searches for the toy and says it is here. Kiara says her toy has specs. Tanu hears Kiara telling that her mum came. She at that point hears Pragya’s voice asking Kiara what she is covering up and requests that her arrival her telephone. Tanu gets stunned and reviews Kiara. She considers Suwarni Dadi’s words. Pragya asks Kiara with whom she is talking

to. Kiara says that doll chor. Pragya accepts the call and apologizes for Kiara’s benefit. Kiara requests that Pragya admonish her and says she is having treat whom we both love. Tanu gets stunned and tries to make proper acquaintance. She drops the telephone and it falls in water. She tries to switch it on and figures now she couldn’t get the number. She supposes she had numerous beverages and should have Nimbu pain.

Abhi and King are driving the auto and they have a mishap with each other’s auto. They leave auto and see each other. They think about their contention. Ruler reveals to Abhi that he doesn’t imagine this is co-occurrence as the mishap is by all accounts arranged. He says you need to impart stage to me. Abhi says I would prefer not to see your face. He says don’t believe that I am not doing world visit as you are not a decent sister, but rather on the grounds that you are not a decent human,

I don’t get great vibes from you. Lord says even I feel the same. He says I feel like you have grabbed something from me. Abhi says whatever is mine, I won’t let anybody take it. Lord says everything comes to me naturally as I am King. He says King was destined to be fortunate. Abhi says today is good fortunes and tomorrow can be the awful day. Lord says I will influence you to comprehend as a general rule. Abhi says I will clear your misconception. Ruler says it is a test which I never lose. Abhi says guarantee, which I never break. Tarun comes there. Police come there.

Lord requests that Inspector capture Abhi and says he hit my auto. Abhi says he hit my auto. Lord says he needs to demolish my name and notoriety. Varun says both are liable and propose trade-off. Auditor can’t. Constable recognizes Abhi. Overseer requests that Abhi and King accompany them.

Tarun calls Pragya and tells that they are in the police headquarters as it was a minor mishap. Pragya asks with whom? Tarun says with a similar vocalist. Pragya requests that her not let King converse with Police, as though he talks then Inspector will comprehend that he is smashed. She says she will come there. Constable calls Tanu and requests that she achieve Police station. He asks who is she? Tanu says she is his significant other.

Purab discloses to Disha that Abhi is humiliated as a result of Aaliya. Tanu comes there and requests that Purab come. Disha reveals to her that Purab won’t help her. Tanu tells that issue is of Abhi as he is in Police station. She says it is your desire to come or not. Disha thinks what is occurring with Jiju. Lord and Abhi blame each other for doing their mischance. Ruler charges him for doing awful attention by paying off the general population and says I think supporters are phoney.

Abhi gets irate on him. Auditor requests that Constable keep them in various bolt ups. Pragya comes to there and asks Tarun what was the deal? Tarun tells about the mischance and tells that Police realized that he was smashed. Purab and Tanu achieve the police headquarters. Purab requests that her not tell police that Abhi was smashed, and says our announcement should coordinate. Tanu requests that him not show her how to act or chat with Police. She is going to see Pragya, however simply then Pragya swings to go to Kiara’s call. Tanu crashes into Tarun and chides him. Pragya converses with Kiara.




Abhi sees Pragya’s hanky and says fungi. He gets some information about the lady whose tissue it is. He comes there and sees Pragya. Pragya is going to see him.


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