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Kumkum Bhagya 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Purab revealing to Tarun that he will meet him later. Tanu and Purab go to the Police station. Constable inquires as to whether he is Abhi’s significant other. Tanu discloses to Purab that she is getting regard since she is member in the excellence challenge. Purab says you are getting regard as a result of Abhi. Tanu supposes she will get Abhi back home.

She reveals to Inspector that Abhi is looking abnormal as he isn’t appropriately shaved his facial hair, however charming. Purab comes there and meets monitor who is his companion. He reveals to Inspector Sushant that Abhi is his companion and everything. Abhi asks would i be able to utilize your washroom. Examiner Sushant says yes. Pragya comes inside and converses with King. Ruler says it was not my blame, he was shaky. Pragya approaches him to be noiseless for Kiara and requests that he let her handle this. Abhi faculties Pragya’s

nearness and reviews their sentimental minute. An FB has appeared, Abhi gets sentimental and asks what is her aroma? Pragya tells that she don’t utilize any aroma. Abhi says so it is her own particular odor. Pragya grins. Abhi says I will always remember your scent. Fb closes. Abhi gets her tissue and asks whose hanky is this?

Constable says numerous individuals come here. Other constable says it can be of your life. Pragya reveals to Inspector that King is guiltless. Monitor tells that the man with whom he had a mishap need to record argument against him. Pragya asks what is his name? I will converse with him. Abhi says whose hanky? Constable says your significant other Tanu. Abhi says she isn’t my better half.

Woman constable tells that it is of some other lady who went to controller Rakesh’s lodge. Abhi checks in the lodge and sees no one. Overseer says he doesn’t recollect his name, however, he is a similar man with whom King had a contention in the gathering lobby. Tissue tumbles down from his hand. He hears Pragya’s voice. He looks there and sees Pragya’s face as she is conversing with Inspector.

Allah Wariyan plays… .He takes a gander at her with sad eyes. Purab and Tanu converse with Sushant. Sushant says I am a devotee of Abhishek Mehra, yet the case is in senior overseer’s hands. Tanu asks the amount he needs? Purab says sorry and takes Tanu out. Does he inquire as to whether she is tanked? Tanu says she isn’t flushed.

Purab says I will get Abhi back. Tanu requests that he handle and take him out. She supposes I offered thought to Purab and requests that her grin and not to take the pressure. She crashes into Constable and contends with her. Woman constable put-down her. Tanu gets irate and requests that herself grin.

Abhi takes a gander at Pragya and is going to come inside. Pragya requests that Inspector not record the body of evidence against her significant other and says his profession will be destroyed. She tells that they are hitched for 7 years and knows him well. She tells that she isn’t agreeing with his position as she is his significant other, but since. Abhi is stunned and stops there itself.

An FB has appeared, Abhi fills her maang with sindoor and inquires as to whether they isolate at that point? Pragya requests that him not state this again and says he is the purpose behind her living and says you are my present, past and future. Abhi says too bad. Pragya says even God can’t compose anybody’s name in my fate. Fb closes.

Abhi says marriage. Tanu comes and requests that Abhi come. Sushant discloses to Purab that he is leaving Abhi on his certification. Tanu requests that Purab bring Abhi out and says she will call home. Sushant gets a call and says media came. Purab says what. Senior Inspector requests that Pragya do the customs and take King home. Pragya expresses gratitude toward him.

Abhi considers and an FB appears, Pragya telling that he is her past, present and future dependably. He saw Pragya requesting that Inspector not record against her significant other. He tossed her out of his life. Abhi and Purab, and Pragya and King are exiting. Lord advises Pragya that he is the vocalist in light of whom all the issue began. Pragya takes a gander at him.




Pragya sits in auto strained. Abhi tries to stop the auto and yells Pragya crying.


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