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Kundali Bhagya 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Kundali Bhagya 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Kundali Bhagya 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Preeta and Sarla were stunned to glance around. Preeta was suspicious over a burglary endeavour and considers Janki. Janki lay on the bed half fallen and makes commotions to disclose to them something. Sarla ponders Shrishti. Karan runs out while the others all check out the house for Shrishti. Preeta tries her number which rings at home. Preeta says Shrishti has been hijacked without a doubt. She frenzies and starts to cry. Karan goes to call Rishab.

Rishab was sitting with Mahesh talking about a business matter. His telephone chime rings, Mahesh demands he should address Karan later. Rishab accepts the call. Karan was in a frenzy and calls Rishab to the ACP’s chamber. Rishab was concerned. Sarla and others take off.

The goons tie Shrishti on a seat. Shrishti cries asking for the goons to save her. Neil advises her to quiets down. Shrishti insults they fear her as she saw them submitting a murder.

Neil requests that the men tie her mouth with a tape, they contend as none had brought a tape. Shrishti snickers and says they can’t slaughter her, in the event that they needed to they should not have brought her here. Neil guarantees she will be alive just for next five minutes. Prithvi brought nourishment for Sherlin who was strained and didn’t eat. Prithvi gets a call from Neil. Neil requests him some more cash, a young lady saw them slaughtering the young lady. He cautions that the young lady may now go and gripe in police and his men may fall powerless.

He can’t close their mouths. He offers Prithvi another alternative, to murder Shrishti if Prithvi consents to send some more cash. Sherlin was suspicious that this man may lie and needs more cash from them as it were. Prithvi calls Neil a liar. Neil was prepared to send him the photograph of Shrishti and says Prithvi should make the additional instalment. Prithvi was presently certain somebody had seen the murder.

Rishab asks Karan for what reason he didn’t educate him regarding the issue prior. Preeta comes to ask for him to address ACP as he is his companion. Rishab says his companion ACP is outside the nation.

They go to address police headquarters. The investigator there wasn’t prepared to document a dissension and says the young lady more likely than not flee with her sweetheart. Rishab and Karan were chafed, Preeta and Sarla were hostile about such allegations. Karan has a battle with the overseer. Preeta drags Karan outside mightily. Sara cries that they should not have come to police headquarters to request help. Rishab quiets her down.

In the hall, Preeta discloses to Karan the police won’t bear his demeanour. Karan was enraged and not prepared to hear the stories of that investigator, they don’t comprehend their obligations. Preeta says at the present time they require their assistance, she needs Shrishti back home at any cost. Karan yells he won’t hear their stories, he just needs to get Shrishti back. Preeta persuades that they should give Rishab a chance to talk.

Rishab amenably advises the monitor to tune in to their concern and not make up any story out of his experience.

The examiner concurs. Sarla portrays the story to the investigator. He asks to what extent did it happen. The investigator says they should sit tight for next twenty-four hours, they can’t record an F.I.R before that time. Shrishti may return in a while. Rishab says he is going on the grounds that they didn’t advise him they can’t document a grumbling before 24 hours. The goon’s man comes to snap a photograph of Shrishti.

Rishab and Sarla turn out and say police won’t be any assistance, they say they won’t record an FIR before 24 hours. She proposes about going home and figures what they should do further. Neil calls Prithvi and says he would simply send the photograph of that young lady. Prithvi and Sherlin take a gander at the telephone together and were stunned to see its Shrishti.




Prithvi chooses to call that Neil and instruct him to complete such Shrishti’s reality immediately. Preeta and Karan reach Neil’s living arrangement.


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