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Kundali Bhagya 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Kundali Bhagya 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Kundali Bhagya 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Prithvi and Sherlin tremble viewing Shrishti’s photograph. Prithvi says their diversion has now finished, Shrishti saw Tapsi’s murder. Sherlin says she is currently an observer, and they are gotten in a more serious issue. She again reviles Tapsi and Prithvi for holding her dear. Prithvi blames Sherlin for this contact for her goon.

He just needed Tapsi to be in a doctor’s facility till he weds Preeta, however, Sherlin brought that goon who murdered Tapsi. Prithvi was furious over Sherlin and grips her jaw firmly charging her to hurt his inner self. Sherlin says that Tapsi more likely than not fulfilled his personality by calling him a nice looking hunk. Prithvi pushes her on the bed restricting her a solitary word from her any longer.

He chooses to call that goon and instruct him to execute Shrishti, he will toss as much cash at his face. Sherlin was hesitant for another murder. Prithvi inquires as to whether there is another arrangement, Shrishti isn’t a companion of Sherlin or gestures of recognition Prithvi and will get them imprisoned before she can talk up. Sherlin requests that Prithvi call Neil.

At home, Dadi gets some information about Shrishti and was cheerful that Rishab more likely than not carried Shrishti alongside him. Rishab says police said they can’t help them before 24 hours. Preeta was sobbing for Shrishti and condemnations herself for not understanding her sister in time. Karan guarantees nothing would happen to Shrishti. Rishab says Karan has said everything conceivable. They will make a move together, Karan’s guarantee won’t break and they will discover Shrishti.

Karan gets some information about a neighbour who keeps an eye on themselves. Preeta says she is certain Janki thinks about those goons. Rishab was cheerful she can let them know through signs. They rush to get some information about it. Karan asks Janki to just flicker her eyes at Yes. He doubts if Sarla knows who hijacked Shrishti. Janki squints. Preeta at that point inquires as to whether Shrishti imparted a comment the previous evening? Janki tries to make a commotion, at that point gazes at a receipt with Neil’s marks. Sarla says this is the receipt Neil gave them. Preeta inquires as to whether it was Neil. Janki squints.

Preeta alarms this is Neil. Sarla discloses to them Neil is a corporation. Preeta tells Karan and Rishab that Shrishti more likely than not going to battle Neil for her. She reminds Karan about the goons who didn’t offer a route to his auto yesterday, they attempted to hassle her and she offended them and returned home. Shrishti was incensed at Neil by at that point. Karan and Rishab swing to address Neil. Sarla tries to persuade them they should agree with police by their position, she was concerned they can’t address the goons as they claim firearms and arms. Sarla cries that she can’t put their lives in question to spare Shrishti.

Rishab and Karan persuade Sarla that corporator have contacts with police, Neil may expel every one of the evidence on the off chance that he is caution. Sarla cries and not prepared to release them. Rishab guarantees Sarla nothing will transpire of them. Preeta was additionally persuaded and guarantees Sarla to spare Shrishti at any cost. Rishab additionally persuades Sarla that he has constantly satisfied each guarantee he did to Sarla. He will call Sarla on the off chance that they are stuck in an unfortunate situation, however, needs a solitary shot.

Mahesh comes to Sameer and inquires as to whether he addressed Rishab. He talks about Karan’s call to Rishab to come to neighbourhood police headquarters. His children won’t get his call to spare him from pressure. Rakhi comes there, Mahesh lets him know not to impart to her. Rakhi gets some information about Rishab or Karan. Mahesh says he has sent them outside to have some extra time. Rakhi was concerned and sends Sameer to discover about it. Sameer goes aside. Mahesh takes Rakhi inside to set up an espresso for him.

Shrishti prevents she won’t extra any of them on the off chance that she can leave. She will discover every one of their points of interest and of their families. She affronts every one of them who were hostile. One of them clear out. Another gloats about being proficient. Shrishti guarantees to swing him to Mumbai’s greatest goons in the event that he opens her rope. Neil gets a call from his mom who was in torment, he swings to leave and advises Sheru to remain with that young lady at any cost.

Preeta takes Karan and Rishab to the corporation’s home. They thump at the entryway of that corporation. Rishab and Karan advise Preeta to flag when its Neil. Karan was going to break the entryway when it was opened. They were stunned to see inside.




Neil reveals to Shrishti they will get paid to murder her. She will be executed when they get the cash. Shrishti ponders who might offer cash to slaughter her. Preeta discloses to Sameer the van must have a place with Neil, and it must be Shrishti if Sameer heard her voice.


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