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Kundali Bhagya 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Kundali Bhagya 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Kundali Bhagya 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Neil discloses to Shrishti that it was his men who revealed to him he is some relative. Shrishti was certain she has no connection with any such jerk. Neil reveals to Shrishti it’s his experience that exclusive the nearby relations pay to goons for such cases. He derides Shrishti for her dumbfounded state.

Rishab stops Sameer close to a van on road. Sameer perceives it’s a similar van, they say its conceivable Shrishti is still there. They hustle down to check close to the van. Shrishti wasn’t in the van, however, Preeta discovers Shrishti’s arm jewellery and a torn bit of fabric close to the van. Karan investigates the van, they spot impressions from inside the van towards an adjacent building.

They look towards the single accessible way. A few men sat outside a building, they make a beeline for asking them. Karan spot firearms in their grasp and take everybody to a stowing away. Rishab doesn’t give Preeta a chance to rush inside. They isolate into sets, Karan and Preeta go inside together while Rishab and Sameer move towards the opposite side.

Inside the godown, Preeta and Karan detect the goons. Karan hauls Preeta behind the cases and stuffs her mouth. They take a risk to leave the spot as the goons were being told by another man to watch out for Prithvi. They, at last, achieve a point where Shrishti had been crying and opposing the goons. Karan was incensed. Rishab drags him outside and requests that he remain quiet.

Karan was worried for Preeta’s tears. Sameer asks why they don’t advise the police. Rishab says police is constantly associated with such wrongdoings and could never do anything. Preeta cries being vulnerable to help Shrishti in such a circumstance. Karan had gone to a side. He returns with his arrangement on, he says they need to sit tight for fifteen minutes. He has called for ensembles Shrishti once requested for a gathering, one of a police monitor, another of a goon, a Gabbar and Preeta as Basanti. He intends to break into the godown as assessor. Neil would tremble, and hand his firearm to Rishab for help.

Everybody hates the thought and calls it jabber. Karan approaches them for their thoughts. Preeta recommends about standing up to them. Rishab says they have firearms, they are arm-less. He says there are different choices too. He at that point inquires as to whether they have any weapons. They snicker together and ridicule each other. Sameer proposes about tolerating Karan’s thought. Preeta and Rishab likewise consent to Karan’s thought. Karan prods Preeta that he has just wiped out the outfit’s conveyance and requests Preeta to apologize to him. After Preeta has said a sorry, Karan chuckles that he didn’t wipe out anything.

At home, Sarla and Bee Ji were appealing to God for Shrishti when Rakhi and Mahesh return home. They get stressed watching the house and gets some information about. Mahesh says Karan called Rishab, at that point, Sameer went behind and none is going to their call. Honeybee Ji says they have gone to discover Shrishti. Sarla says they found the house in such a state and Shrishti wasn’t home. They question Shrishti was hijacked by Neil, corporate. Sarla cries saying she attempted and stop them as Neil is a goon, however, none tuned in to them. Mahesh and Rakhi request that Sarla calls Sameer, they may need their support at the present time.

Sameer was changing in his ensemble when he gets a call from Sarla, it was Rakhi. Sameer doesn’t enlighten them concerning their whereabouts. Rakhi was concerned and says she knows everything. Sameer says there is no settled area and they are just meandering on streets. Rakhi candidly coerces Sameer. Sameer says they are around 10 km far from Neil Corporation’s home, it’s a deserted godown. He says Mahesh must be extremely irate, she shouldn’t let him know. After the call was detached, Rakhi requests that Mahesh go and help the children. She, Sarla and Mahesh leave to discover Shrishti.




Karan comes inside as police overseer to get some information about that hoodlum. Sameer signals Shrishti from a corner to remain noiseless. Shrishti was soothed to see them.


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