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Mahek 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Mahek 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Mahek 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Nehal says to Mahek this is all so humiliating for Vicky. Mahek says Shaurya doesn’t tune in. Dolly says what are these watchmen for? Karuna says we must be careful. Svetlana goes to her room and says accessible if the need arises I will destroy this family. I am in here once more. the diversion will begin now.

Mansi calls Nehal. She discloses to her beginning and end. Dolly calls Kanta and reveals to her beginning and end. Mansi says I am extremely stressed. ravi says she is Vicky’s mom. I think they are doing right. Dolly says that lady is awful. Kanta says don’t state anything other than watch out for her. Shaurya is upset. He turns out and says to the monitor is there any development? He says no she didn’t leave her room.

Dolly goes to Nehal’s room and puts glass on the floor. Svetlana ventures on it. Vicky says should you be possible with this? Mahek says Anjali’s body is being discharged. Karuna stands up in tears. Svetlana says I am sad. She says possibly that was her destiny. Everybody goes to her memorial service. Karuna is truly upset. Svetlana leaves the room. Shaurya says in a heart that auto cleaning fellow looked irregular.

Svetlana blends something in tea of body watches. every one of them swoons. Vicky comes ground floor. He says Nehal… Svetlana accompanies Nehal. She has a firearm on her head. She says I am not visually impaired. Vicky says, mother, what is this. Shaurya says brakes are a fizzle. He is terrified.

Svetlana says to keep the children here. Nehal says kindly don’t hurt my children. Svetlana says choose who will bite the dust first? All of you will kick the bucket together. Shaurya tries to put brakes however he can’t stop the auto.

Everyone is terrified. The auto hits a wall. Svetlana says to Vicky you are a washout. I have to slaughter you. She puts a weapon on him and Nehal. She puts in on the children. Nehal says I implore you don’t hurt my children. They are your blood as well. Karuna says all of you need to go up. Harsh gets back home. He sees the gatekeepers blacked out all over the place. He sees whats going ahead in the house. Svetlana’s men come and take him in as well.

She says these are so beautiful let’s send them up. Nehal says kindly don’t do anything. Svetlana says all of you have demolished my life. Vicky tries to grab the firearm from her. Svetlana shoots Nehal. She shouts and tumbles down. Shaurya’s head is Dying. Mahek’s head drains as well. She says I am fine. Shaury says we need to surge back home. He calls home yet nobody picks. Shaurya says this wasn’t a mischance. Svetlana did this. I requested that you do not do this Mahek but rather you never listen. The projectile hits Nehal’s hand. She shouts. Svetlana says in the event that you adore her let her pass on don’t endeavour to spare her. Shaurya tries to get the rickshaw. Dolly says I trust Nehal and children are protected.




Svetlana picks one of the children and shoots. Nehal shouts.


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