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Mahek 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Mahek 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Mahek 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Nehal asks for to Svetlana… Harish undermine her expression kids haven’t hurt you and you have contention with me and Shaurya so let go this child…Vicky and Nehal..they are your family… Vicky additionally asks for and Svetlana discloses to Vicky that he is recollecting now that she is his mom… he has upheld Shaurya and send her to jail..and pushes him… Shaurya gets a lift and they all sit in the auto … Vicky remains back and tells he has bolstered Shaurya and he will dependably bolster him since he was correct… and Bhabhi has conflicted with his desire and brought you inside yet you aren’t worthy of trusting… and you can’t be my mom… Vicky yells at her… Svetlana picks up his child and tells your father blood is bubbling and now she needs to execute somebody… she

holds a weapon on child’s head and everybody requests that not shoot… abruptly somebody tosses smoke bombs and entire Sharma family comes inside and assault them… Svetlana comes up short on house..she debilitates an auto driver out and about and sits ahead out… Shaurya comes to alongside family.. he endeavoured to take after her yet Karuna stops him..Mahek says she will take after her..she takes a bicycle of a young lady and take after her … inside KM Shaurya beats Svetlana goons…Mahek hits Svetlana and brings her back to KM ..police comes and capture them… Mahek slaps Svetlana before she leaves saying this is the last time you have hurt our family…

Kanta embraces Mahek.. they all go inside… Vicky says sorry to learn and request to excuse him… Nehal likewise tells sorry saying she would have lost her children … Mahek says it was her oversight to bring Svetlana back… Shaurya request that they quit saying heartbroken as mix-up occurs with everyone..and says he needs a prize as he was appropriate about swetlana..he approach Chachi to make tea for them… later Karuna asks Kanta when did she return… Kanta says she was stressed in regards to them and returned and had a go at calling Everyone except telephone was not reachable… then they came here and once they came to here they comprehended the scene … and Ravi had some Diwali wafers in his auto and they utilized that and somehow figured out how to spare them..

Swetlana has just paid off the auditor and he sets her free in transit … later she meets her men and plans to assault Khannas … Shaurya intends to go out with family..butMaasi advises they will go to Mandir first…

Mehek prepares Shaurya fought against eminent loss quietly and embraced her. She inquires as to why you generally explore new territory… He says I’m feeling not great. She says did you get any fever she tries to discover tthermometerHe watches her.. Approve you don’t go anyplace we will cross out the program. She s

Again says I will complete one thing I will call Kantha Chachi she is master in taking care of fevers. He says now for what reason to irritate Chachi we will deal with… She asks now fever uthar gayi Kya.. He says what to do on the off chance that you are not coming to me I just need to come a

To you.. new infant is coming so need to take mind enormous child likewise… He pulls her on him.. She tries to leave yet he pulls once more…

A driver calls Swethalana says to have one issue what will I get I. Return. Khanna family are going to entertainment mecca for on using. Swethalana says I will give more cash.. Dolly is pressing so much baggage. Shaurya inquires as to why this much gear We are going for the excursion we can get all there don’t have to take all these she asks I stuffed so much nourishment it will be ruin harish says don’t stress I will complete it.. They all giggle.. Driver says I will give all data next time.. Swethalana smiles.. Sharma joined as well.. Jeevan embraced shaurya.. Children crying Nehal says quit crying we are getting late.




Shaurya books entire stop for them.. Meharya aisaside sharing glad. Minutes. Swethalana comes there as a specialist

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