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Mahek 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Mahek 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Mahek 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Everybody is getting a charge out of in summer camp. Brutal and Jeevan climb the net. They all play recreations. Kanta says what isn’t anybody doing here? Shaurya says this place is reserved for us as it were. Mahek says yes we will have a ton of fun. Nehal says let’s have sustenance first.

Svetlana is outside with her men. She says it will be entertaining. She goes in camouflaged as a coach. Everybody is having nourishment. Shaurya says MMahek why are you eating for three individuals. Karuna says why are you prodding her. Give her a chance to eat. Vicky says Nehal gives up play amusements. She says, however, kids… Karuna says I will deal with them. Shaurya and Mahek go as well. The race begins. Everybody tries to stop others. Nehal and Vicky win. Svetlana comes in with her kin. They scatter every which way. Brutal goes to get prescription for kids.

Svetlana says come up, please. All individuals go up. Mahek and Nehal go up. Shaurya gets a call. He goes out. Is everybody on suspension connect? Investigator calls Shaurya and Svetlana is in your home? Shaurya says what? you captured her yesterday. He says no we never captured her. Shaurya is stunned. He says stop. Svetlana and her men keep running from that point. She has set ropes ablaze as of now. Everybody up is frightened. Shaurya says nothing will happen. He tries to blow the fire. Shaurya gradually gets up and cuts everybody down.

Svetlana runs. Shaurya gives everybody water. Mahek says your hand is singed. She embraces him. Kanta says who did this? Jeevan says Svetlana, however, she is in prison? Shaurya says no. He informs everybody regarding his discussion with the auditor. Shaurya says where is a mother? Karuna has swooned and kids are not there. Nehal says where are my children? She blacks out. Manis embraces her and says hall.. Shaurya requests that gatekeepers look all around.


Shaurya tells police. He says Svetlana is behind this. Svetlana says these children will keep them in our control. She calls Mahek.

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