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Mahek 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Mahek 24th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Mahek 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Mahek 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Karuna is crying. She says its all my misstep. Shauyra says don’t stress I won’t let anything happen to the children. Jeevan looks all over. He says gives up to police. Nehal is crying. Vicky goes to her. He says kids are no place.

Mansi is crying. Kanta says nothing will happen please don’t’ cry. Nehal says where are my children Vicky? kindly accomplish something. Mahek says please quiet down. Nehal says please accompany me. My children. She shouts. Vicky says please quiet down. She cries. Shaurya says Nehal control yourself. He embraces her. He says I guarantee you I will discover them. They are sheltered. Svetlana won’t do anything to them. I guarantee I will bring them back.

Svetlana is en route with kids. She says their heartbeats will stop after they see what I do straightaway. Everybody takes Nehal back to her room. She shouts and cries. dolly says God will ensure your children. She says however they are pretty much nothing. She says how Svetlana do this. Karuna says she isn’t a mother. SHe is brimming with despise. We thought she at any rate adored Vicky, however, she doesn’t. She has no disgrace. Cruel says she arranged phoney police. She makes arrangement b with everything. Shaurya says how might we be tricked. They call the police.

Svetlana conveys children to her hooligans. The child is crying. Specialist gives Nehal tranquillizers. Mahek sees everybody crying. Awara says Mahek there is a call for you. Mahek hears it and is stunned. She says Vicky accompany me. Kanta asks aware where is Mahek? He says she went out with Vicky.

Police indicate GPS beacon to Shaurya. He says put it accessible if the need arises when she requests emancipate. Mahek says Shauyra… They all go out. Svetlana is there. She says don’t fault with these grimy affirmations. Ravi says I will murder you. She says Vicky call and let me know everything. I can’t be faulted for this. Karuna says it is her amusement. Police says it can’t be else she won’t have come here. Vicky requests that police clear out. They take off. They take off.

Nehal comes and says where are my children. I know you have them. Mahek says stop this all. she doesn’t have the children. Kanta says how might you believe her. Police says we need to go. We will do our cross-examination. Svetlana sits inside and says we have the infants. See them. Everybody is stunned. Mahek says we were extorted so we needed to send police far from here.

Dolly says Vicky is crazy as well. Mahek says we are not frantic all of a sudden. she indicates them a video of the children crying. Nehal says, my children, she is crying. she says demonstrate me. Mahek says no don’t. Kanta says you will decay in hellfire. Svetlana says for what reason do you want to murder the children. Call legal counsellor and give me this property I will give you the children back.

This ought to occur by today around evening time you will have the children back. Nehal is crying. Svetlana says request that they give me this property on the off chance that they wanna spare the children. Nehal says please don’t’ do this. She takes off. She says do as I say in the event that you need peace in your life. Nehal cries.




Mahek asks Shaurya where are you going? He demonstrates her video of Svetlana. She says I will do my last impact today.


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