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Mahek 29th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Mahek 29th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Mahek 29th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Vikram says to his better half and senior little girl go and make nourishment for every one of the visitors. After Mahek I will get this one wedded and get significantly more cash. Mahek’s mom says to Swati we ladies are destined to be slaves of these men. In any case, listen to this…

Sarita comes to tie know about the prep with Matej. She has red flavours close by. she tosses them in Vikram’s eyes and they run. Shaurya sees Mahek running. He pursues them. Rashmi says stop Shaurya.

Vikram and his men are coming after Mahek Sarti and Swati. Shaurya searches for them. Vikram sees Shaurya and says what are you doing here? He says I came here to state sorry to learn. Why is she running? Vikram says Sarti I will consume you alive. Solid breezes blow. Shaurrya sees himself biting the dust at a similar place. Vikram stops Sarti.. Mahek pushes him.

Rashmi says shaurya stop. Virkam is going to assault Mahek. Shaurya hits Vikram on the head and he tumbles down. Rashmi says Shaurya what did you do? Gives up from here. They run and sit in the auto. Mahek Sarti and Swati sit in the transport.

Vikram’s companions hit him. They say you took cash from us and requesting that they run. You tricked us. Vikram approaches police to search for them.

Mahek her mom and sister keep running from the transport and stow away. Mentor sees Mahek he says what happened. MAhek beseeches him to encourage them. he takes them with him.

The prep takes Vikram’s home’s critical. They hit him. He says Sarti on the off chance that I discover you and your little girls I will execute all of you.

Shaurya prepares for the gathering. He reviews what happened. He sees flashbacks. He says how might Mahek be. I wish I could accomplish something.

Sarti says to mentor I can’t backpedal to that house. I won’t give him a chance to demolish my little girl’s life. Mentor says your girls are enduring on the grounds that you remained quiet the principal day. They ought not to carry on with an existence like you. I perceived how proficient Mahek ought to be.

I can prepare her as a boxer and make her the best boxer of the country. She won the title. He says I will request your activity in a production line. Mahek and Swati prepare for preparing. Mahek says thank you mentor ji. She embraces him. He says the entire country will know you.

Yuvraj says to Shaurya you made me so pleased today. Your blessing is sitting tight for you in a carport. The entire world will remember you one day. They all influence him to eat desserts.

Mahek says if mama didn’t accumulate fearlessness today I would have been hitched to that old man. Mentor ji is so pleasant. He helped us to such an extent. What’s more, that Shaurya… He nearly got me captured this time as well. I will punch him hard once I discover him.




Mahek and Shaurya grow up. Mahek says I have pounded all boxers in this city. Shaurya says young ladies look better in the kitchen. She whips him.


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