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Mahek 4th June 2018 Written Episode Update


Mahek 4th June 2018 Written Episode Update


Mahek 4th June 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Mahek’s mom runs out and says, my little girl. She and her senior little girl search for Mahek. She on the ground. Her mom picks her says I trust she is fine. She sits and cries. Her dad awakens and says she should pass on. How is she alive. He gets furious.

Police come. They ask Anita what happened. They say to the man on the off chance that you set out doing anything to the young lady we will capture you. They clear out. He says I will execute her when I get a possibility. Her mom embraces her little girls.

Shaurya’s folks gotten back home. Yuvraj respects every one of his visitors. His mom says our sovereign is here. Yuvraj says he will end up being a boxer. I will name him Shuarya Yuvraj Singh. His mom comes in. Everybody plays with the infant.

Mahek’s sister plays with her. Dai says she is so overcome as of now. Nothing could hurt her. She battled a fight on her first day. they sustain her. Her mom says we will call her Mahej. Shaurya’s grandmom celebrates. Yuvraj says I spoke to India as a boxer. My first child Adi is tired and a little girl is of no utilization. My Shaurya will satisfy my fantasy.

After years, shaurya and his companions pursue a young lady… She holes up behind auto. They stop her. She says this is for my Mahek. The children attempt to grab mangoes from her. Mahek comes. She hits the young men and battles with them. Her dad comes and drags her home. Shaurya does boxing practice. He hits the other kid. yuvraj says my child will turn into a lion.

Mahek’s father says how could she. she hits young men all around. she should kick the bucket. Mahek says those young men were irritating didi. He says you are a young lady remain one. Your husband will hit you. She says on the off chance that anybody hits me I will hit them as well. Her mom stops him. He secures her in the room and says she will be bolted here no nourishment for her.




Mahek and Shaurya see the fantasies of their past in dreams. They wake up.

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