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Mahek 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Mahek 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Mahek 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts with Vivan says to Veera you cleared out Kabadi as a result of you. You can play it and make it your calling. She says it will be incredible in the event that I can have those days back. He says we are companions. So you can kill AC. She says you can turn lights on as well. She says end up insightful in the wake of turning into my companion. They both say it for few days as it were.

Shilpa says to Lali I require your assistance… However, you needn’t bother with a reason. You have enough cash. She says would you be able to make me like yourself and get my Sweeti wedded to an NRI. She says get Veera and Vivan separated. I will get him wedded to your Sweeti. I will take you to London. SHe says you are extraordinary. Shilpa says simply get me in contact with a policeman. She says let’s perceive how I do it now.

Veera says by what method can be so awful in the event that she sends that vagrant cash. He says all awful individuals do philanthropy. they do things like these. she says no mother can be this awful. he says she is from London. She says I trust truth turns out. So you can backpedal to London and I can play kabaddi once more.

Lalo calls to her companions for Pami. In rest Veera says kabaddi. Kabaddi… He says wouldn’t you be able to stop for some days. she says give me my cover back. He says you hit me like a kabaddi player. She says I was on a match. She dozes again. Mahek calls Veera. She says I feel so terrified. Veera says remain quiet. Everything will be fine.

Auditor meets Vivan. He says Pammi kill case has a stage. She may be alive and got someone else slaughtered to conceal herself. Vivan says this could be valid. He says how would you know her? He says she gave me birth yet isn’t my mother. Veera says Vivan. He says a few ladies are never a spouse mother or little girl to anyone. Pami embraces Vivan’s youth garments. She is in tears. Vivan says the person who would never cherish her family. Pami says there isn’t a minute when I never missed you. I am such a terrible mother. I am so vulnerable.

Vivan says lady like her ought to be rebuffed as it were. Pami says my petitions are dependable with your child. Vivan says this sort of lady… Veera says enough vivan. She turns out. She trips Vivan holds her and says what are you doing here. She says you have a harmful tongue. She says in heart Pammi is pure and I will demonstrate it.


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