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Mayavi Maling 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Mayavi Maling 7th June 2018 Written Episode Update

Mayavi Maling 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Mayavi Maling 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts with Ghori taking the boss to the town. He says Chegu has executed my father and everybody, he has harmed me as well. Rakhee cries so anyone might hear and reprimands Chegu. Antara says Chegu will come, you simply observe the person who has executed the boss, Chegu is guiltless. Rakhee hits her with a stone and chastens her. She says my child will turn into the new boss, he will assume the main’s position. Ghori grins.

Eshwarya takes her book and goes. Adhivan pursues her. He sees somebody close to the books. He says I trust you will pardon me, we will meet as companions when I want the marriage. He goes. Garima grins. Eshwarya looks on and asks what are you doing here. Garima says nothing and goes. Adhivan gets natural products. Madhumali grins. Arak says I know Adhivan went to meet Eshwarya.

Adhivan nourishes him with an organic product. Ghori gets ready to end up the boss. The central’s body is laid inside the pontoon. He is left in the lake. Ghori shoots a bolt and copies the watercraft, appealing to God for his spirit peace. Everybody cries. Ghori says I will rebuff Chegu, however first I will rebuff Antara. He sedates Antara to the damnation and says we will toss her inside. Antara tumbles down. Chegu holds her hand and spares her life. He tells everybody that Ghori has murdered the boss, he is the delinquent, he executed his father. He admonishes Ghori for acting to do equity. He shouts on Ghori.

Pranali prods Eshwarya about Mahapuram’s sovereign. She says I m going to wind up ruler of Mahapuram, I know you are envious, Eshwarya just met Chegu in kalkivan. Garima requests that Pranali carry on like a senior sister, at that point she will get regard. Eshwarya says stop it, guardians showed us to love each other. They embrace. Madhumali runs someplace. She welcomes the evil presence of the lord. He says I had favoured you, the time has come now. She says I recall. She awakens from the fantasy. Angad hears some voice calling him and goes. Arak plays with flies. Angad goes out and meets somebody.




Ghori and Chegu have a sword battle. Angad goes inside some blue water. He gets blue wings.


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