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Mayavi Maling 21st May 2018 Written Episode Update

Mayavi Maling 7th June 2018 Written Episode Update

Mayavi Maling 21st May 2018 Written Episode Update


Mayavi Maling 21st May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Vaidehi asking Pranali for what reason did she black out. Pranali says there was much warmth. She sees Haran’s injury and requests that he complete guide. Harak goes. Madhumali reveals to Angad that they can’t utilize Trishanku for long, the wedding ought to happen soon, be cautious, in the event that anybody touches Trishanku separated from Daanav vanishes, his body will rot, we must be watchful.

He asks should we likewise execute Arak to end his dread. She says once you get hitched, you do anything with Arak, we will control on two Rajya. He says for what reason did you murder Arak when he was conceived. She giggles.

Arak cries and tosses things. He says he isn’t my father, he is a phantom. Adhivan stresses. He says I will discover later, quiet down, visitors have come in the royal residence, don’t get out of hand. Arak gestures. Adhivan cheers her and embraces. Garima cries and says

Adhivan hates me. Eshwarya discusses Chegu. Adhivan and Arak come there. Garima grins seeing Adhivan. He says we came to know in regards to Garima’s wellbeing. Garima says I m fine. Arak says my sibling likes you a great deal. He tells Eshwarya. Garima supposes he is advising her and grins. Arak grins seeing Garima. Eshwarya asks do you add like him, so he is the one.

Antara says I won’t let you go. Chegu says I have progressed toward becoming Sardar now. She says guarantee you will return to me. He gestures. Maharaj says I will get ready for marriage. Adhivan helps Eshwarya. A pot tumbles down and harms Trishanku. Maharaj is going to hold him. Madhumali says don’t touch him.

Maharaj stops. They clear out. Pranali comes to meet Haran at his place. Haran gets stunned. He wears his garments. He says you shouldn’t have come here. She gets some information about his treatment. He says I m fine, such little injuries… Lady says the men who assaulted you are taken to Rajya Sabha. Pranali surges. Vaidehi requests that Pranali see, the men will get rebuffed. The men apologize to Pranali.

She prevents them from revealing to her name. Manjari requests that they say reality. The men say Pranali requesting that we assault her and Haran. Everybody gets stunned. Workers see the sky and talk. They see a container coming in the lake. They think its some fortune. They think to keep the box aside. Somebody leaves the case. Madhumali cures Trishanku. She says its pixie to keep him.

Adhivan gets stunned and stows away. Madhumali says nobody should touch Trishanku’s body. Angad asks by what method will we ward off visitors. Madhumali says we need to stop the visitors. She controls Trishanku and takes him along. Angad hears some solid and turns. He says I felt there is somebody here. She requests that he come. Adhivan stows away.




Manjari says I have seen him in his room. Maharaj gets irate on Chegu. Adhivan stands up to Madhumali and Angad for being Daanav vanish. They get stunned.


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