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Mere Sai 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Mere Sai

Mere Sai 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Mere Sai 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Sai discloses to Bru that no ustad can help him to the point that he is skilled to accomplish a comment on his point. Om Sai plays… ..Dilawar returns to Dwarka Maai and inquires as to whether the nourishment is prepared. Bru stands up and says I need to reveal to you something. He says I have learnt such a great amount from you and was with you for years, however now I need to go.

Dilawar is stunned and asks what you are stating? Bru says I can’t abandon your consent. Dilawar says I made you capable and you need to run like Munnu and Jabulani, and declines to give authorization in any conditions. Sai says you can stop him, however in the event that he can work with full sincerity and devotion. He requests that he free Bru.

Dilawar says you influenced my understudies to go, and says I will keep your work and will give him flexibility, however, I have a condition that you will make roti forme before going and until the point that you make it., else you can’t go. Bru concurs. Dilawar supposes I will perceive how you make roti today’s and breaks the wooden tawa. Sai grins seeing his modest strategy. Bru plies the flour and looks for the tawa.

Sai asks what was the deal? Bru says I couldn’t discover Tawa. Sai watches out and sees it broken on floor outside. He discloses to him that the tawa is broken. Bru says I kept it the close stove, how I will make roti now. He says Ustad won’t let me go, says might be he cherishes me a considerable measure. Sai says whatever ties don’t love and which relies upon condition, he says love is to free others.

He says you will go unquestionably. Bru asks how? Sai lights a fire and requests that Bru keep roti on his hand and warmth it. Bru says your hands will get singed and inquires as to why is he helping him? Sai says I am helping a man who is straightforward and has an unadulterated heart. Bru makes rotis staring him in the face. Sai’s hand works like a tawa. Bru makes Rotis. He calls Dilawar and says he made roti. Dilawar says how might you make roti, and says you had brought it from outside. He checks and thinks that it’s hot. Bru says I didn’t sell out you. I went poorly.

Dilawar reprimands Sai and inquires as to whether Bru goes then will he turns into his Student/really Slave. Sai consents to help Bru. Dilawar requests that him not touch him and do all his work on time. Bru reviews Dilawar and Ratnakar’s discussion, things don’t do this Sai, you don’t have the foggiest idea about Dilawar’s arrangement. On the off chance that I had not guaranteed Ustad, at that point I would have let him know. Dilawar liberates Bru and requests that he go, any place he needs.

Bru asks Sai for what good reason you are doing this for me and says I am not equipped. Sai says God didn’t make anybody inept. Bru gets enthusiastic and embraces Sai. Bru says don’t know why I am feeling this, that I need to go and meet my Aapa, and at the opposite side, I would prefer not to abandon you. Sai says we will meet again if God wishes and requests that he go to his home and meet his sister. Bru touches his feet and requests that him not touch Dilawar else he will get much irate. Bru clears out. Om Sai plays……

Dilawar requests that Sai guarantee that he will comply with every one of his requests, won’t conceal anything and won’t go anyplace without letting him know. Sai guarantees. Dilawar approaches him to make plans for his showering. Sai makes the courses of action. Dilawar takes his garments from Sai and goes to shower. He expels his garments. Sai sees blemishes on his body with his heavenly powers. Dilawar approaches him to prepare for the learning. Sai hears him when he peruses. Later he pivots hand fan and influences Dilawar to rest. Dilawar awakens and yells at Sai’s name.

An old man comes to Sai and discloses to Dilawar that he has back issue. Dilawar says I will treat your sickness. He requests that he slaughter enormous rodent and apply its blood on his back. The old man asks did you treat somebody previously. Dilawar requests that he do as he said.

Old man considers on the off chance that he is clowning? Sai returns and advises that he went to get a few natural products for him. Dilawar requests that he do his work. Sai clears the floor. Nand Lal watches out for him and thinks to advise him. Sai brings water pot. Dilawar requests that Sai go to the wilderness and get some wood. Sai says alright.




Nand Lal educates Ratnakar regarding Dilawar controlling Sai. They go there.


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