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Naamkaran 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Naamkaran 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Neil taking Mowgli with him. Avni goes to Mowgli’s room and cries. She says I lost, whoever I adored escaped, I know Neil will keep Mowgli upbeat, I wish he may love him more than me, I can’t survive without Mowgli. Sunehri comforts her. She says Lord will give you motivation to live, he is watching you three, this story didn’t end. Avni cries. Mowgli welcomes everybody. Shweta, Prakash and Bebe favor him. Mitali gives him a blessing. He says thanks to her.

Mitali goes to help Shweta in work. Bebe says you think Mowgli is upbeat. Prakash says simply figure what might you experience in the event that anybody made me far from you and what might I feel. She says I m thinking the same. Neil gets Mowgli to his room. Mowgli sees the toys and improvements. Neil says I adore you, I will be your Papa and closest companion, we will

appreciate a ton. Mowgli says yes Papa. Neil requests that he settle. He goes. Mowgli reviews Avni and sees her pics. He begins settling her pics on dividers and organizer. Prakash comes and asks did you settle this. Mowgli gestures. Prakash cheers him. Neil comes and sees Avni’s pics. Prakash says seek lunch soon.

Mowgli says you said it’s my room, would I be able to keep this pic. Neil says beyond any doubt, see what I got for you, superhuman bedsheet, I m hungry, I m beyond any doubt you are additionally eager, come and have nourishment. He requests that Mowgli come to the first floor.

Shweta gets sustenance. Prakash says don’t take it on heart if Mowgli doesn’t eat anything. Shweta says he will have it. Mowgli eats fiery nourishment and says Mumma instructed me to have sustenance, else it would be lack of regard of the nourishment and one who set it up, I m Mumma’s great kid. Shweta says yes. She brings Mitali. Mowgli takes the firearm. Neil gets stunned and races to him. He takes the weapon. He says it is anything but a toy weapon, it’s genuine. He yells Mitali. She comes and asks what happened. He says you know there is a little child at home, its stacked firearm, imagine a scenario where any mishap happened, Mowgli picked the weapon. Mitali says sorry, I will be cautious. Neil says I froze seeing him, too bad.

Sunehri asks Avni for what reason didn’t she come to have nourishment. Avni says I was somewhat occupied with my work, I will finish it and have sustenance, now my dread to lose Mowgli has run with him, I need to take care of myself to care for the children. She checks records. Shweta influences Mowgli to rest. She goes. He considers Avni and says I miss you. Avni considers him. Neil comes to him and holds him. He says you have a high fever. Mowgli says please take me to Mumma. Neil yells out to everybody. Shweta checks his temperature and says its 103. prakash says specialist is away. Neil says we will take him to healing facility. Mowgli says no, I need to go to Mumma. Bebe says call Avni, possibly Mowgli got stressed at a new place. Neil goes to call Avni. Avni calls him. He replies. She says I know it’s not the opportune time to call, is Mowgli fine. He says Mowgli has some fever, I was going to call you and you called. She says I m coming there this moment. She takes off.

Avni comes and meets Mowgli. She asks are you fine. She asks what did he eat today. Shweta says he had some milkshake without ice. Prakash says he had zesty Chole. Avni asks has Aamchur included Chole. Bebe says yes, Mitali was getting some information about Aamchur, she may have included. Avni asks Neil how might he be thoughtless. He says Mitali made it, she didn’t have even an inkling.

She says I gave you a rundown about his sensitivities, what he eats and what he doesn’t, you didn’t read the rundown, you have to nurture youngster alongside getting his authority. He says don’t be hyper, he just came here, sad I didn’t read it. Avni offers drugs to Mowgli. She requests that they rest, she will be with Mowgli. They all go. She says Mowgli you will be fine, Mumma is with you, I will be appropriate back. Neil takes the water bowl. He says I will get crisp water. She stops him.




Avni says Neil you have comprehended me, yet you grabbed my child to settle scores. Mitali requests that she leave from Neil’s life. Avni reprimands her and says I will dependably be Mowgli’s mum.


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