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Naamkaran 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Naamkaran 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Mowgli getting captured. Neil comes to class and searches for him. He asks a few children. The children say his Mumma has come to pick him, didn’t close relative let you know. Neil expresses gratitude toward them and takes off. Avni gets a message. She cries understanding it. She calls Neil. Neil’s telephone is on noiseless. Avni calls Shweta and gets some information about Mowgli. Shweta says Neil has gone to pick him from school. Neil goes to Avni’s home and gets some information about Avni and Mowgli. Sunehri says they aren’t here. Prakash calls Neil home.

Neil gets back home and asks Avni for what good reason did she get Mowgli without advising him. Avni stops him. She says Mowgli has been abducted. They get stunned. She demonstrates the message. He peruses hijacker’s message. He says kids revealed to me that you lifted him up. She asks did kids see me, somebody took my name to seize him. He says I got the bit late and this happened. She chides him. She inquires as to for what reason did you assume his liability on the off chance that you couldn’t oversee. She requests that Shweta see, she has upheld Neil and now Mowgli is in threat. Neil says Mowgli is my child as well.

She says I can perceive how you dealt with him. He requests that she stop it. Bebe says enough, a kid is missing and you both are battling, don’t know how is the youngster. Mowgli battles to get free. Avni says I can’t pay to deliver for him if goons request cash. Neil says world knows he is my child as well. Avni says I know who has done this, she endeavoured to outline me in tyke trafficking and attempted to hijack Mowgli previously, I know Kamini did this. They get stunned.

Prakash says you didn’t reveal to us anything. Neil says she has an old propensity to shroud things. Avni says we should attempt to discover Mowgli rather battling, we should tell police. Neil says police will manage Kamini. Avni gets another message. Ruffian solicits her not to think from taking police help, else God won’t have the capacity to spare her child, they will pass on request in next message.

At school, Neil says I have to take Mowgli and his mother to shopping centre, are you certain to see his mother. Child says no, an uncle came to pick him. Children depict the goon. Neil expresses gratitude toward them. Neil advises the same to Avni. Avni reviews the prior goon and says last time, that goon seemed to be comparable, when I addressed Saisha, Kamini debilitated me, she has done this to deliver retribution. He says come, I guarantee you, I will discover him, nothing will happen to our child. She says I know.

Neil and Avni go to Kamini’s home. Kamini insults her for accompanying ex. She contends. Neil asks where is Mowgli. She says you possibly knowing, hijacking improved the situation vindicate is unsafe than abducting improved the situation emancipate. He says you possibly knowing, how ex-officers treat a criminal, better restore our child. She says your undermining won’t influence me, this lady has grabbed my child, so I grabbed her child, I have nothing to lose now, however, recall this, if my men don’t hear my voice each hour, they will drive Mowgli down from a bluff. Avni gets terrified. He asks what do you need.

She says I need Avni to assume the youngster trafficking fault on her and go imprison. He says Avni won’t do this. She says she will do this, being a mum, she will effectively spare her child. Avni cries and goes. Neil stops her. She says I m prepared to surrender to police to spare Mowgli. Avni says Mowgli is in a terrible state. Neil says Kamini detests you a ton, we need to discover Mowgli. They see Mowgli’s video and read undermining the message. Avni says no, I can’t leave Mowgli like this, we don’t have enough time, I need to go. She takes a taxi and goes to police headquarters. He sees the video.

Neil checks the video and hears some solid. He finds the godown and calls Avni. Mowgli says let me go, please. Goon requests that he be tranquil. Avni achieves police headquarters. Mowgli gets free. He runs out. He yells for help. Auto stops. He sees Kamini and embraces. She asks how could you come here, accompany me, I will take you to your mum. Neil sees her and takes after.

Avni peruses the message. She says I need to give an announcement. Mitali asks what proclamation. Kamini offers Mowgli to goons and requests that they watch out for them. Neil says your opportunity is finished, leave my Mowgli. She gets stunned seeing him.




Mitali asks what are you saying Avni. Neil battles with goons. Kamini sees Mowgli. Avni says this is reality and my last proclamation. Goon points a firearm at Neil.


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