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Nimki Mukhiya 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Nimki Mukhiya 7th June 2018 Written Episode Update

Nimki Mukhiya 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Nimki Mukhiya 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts with Babbu and precious stone call their kin and request that they look all over the place. Mahatu calls Ritu. he says everything is under control. Don’t stress. Precious stone says why is the telephone not picked. Dadi says for what reason didn’t I kick the bucket before observing this. Police resulted in these present circumstances house and saw all over. Annaro says this happened on account of that Nimki, Sweetie says no its father’s and Ritu’s blame. We as a whole know who is the genuine proprietor. Tetter says quiets down all.

Babbu says why are all of you battling? Rekha says the little girl in law has run. It is a major thing. Ritu says on the off chance that she needed to go she could go on the special first night. I said she can. Annaro says what is he saying. Babbu says I was simply tricking her. Anaro says to consider the possibility that you really went. Tetter says it was only an arrangement. did he go? Sweetie says individuals are talking all over the place. Tettr says I am going to ghat tola before Nehar goes there. I will do what I couldn’t in every one of these months. I will do what I proved unable. He takes off.

Abhi says available to come back to work to Mauha don’t stress I will call Nimki. In the event that she calls you let me know. Elena says where di Nimki go? Abhi says don’t stress she will be back. Mausi says she is mukhiya. Elena says, dad, you say we shouldn’t lie why are you lying at that point? Why is police searching for her? He says don’t stress. She has not done anything. Nimki is behind the entryway. She catches. She says I ought to go and let him know. Nimki goes into the house yet she sees police. She stows away.

Ritu comes to Ghat tola with everybody. He embraces mon and says nothing will happen. Babbu says don’t stress. Maauha says please bring him back. He says don’t stress he will be back. Annaro is irate. Tetter says she more likely than not going to some place where she ought to have. We have not eaten anything. Ritu says annaro thinks about her little girl. she hasn’t eaten anything, Anaro says where has she gone. Chachi says, however, she was in your home. Babbu says she kept running from police’s dread.

Tune says she was cheerful. Ritu says are you insane. He says Nimki didn’t keep running There is something different. Babbu says read this letter she composed it. They read the letter. Mauha says imagine a scenario where police capture her. Tetter says they can’t do anything. I know Nimki is honest. all of you know her since adolescence. Would she be able to give counterfeit meds to individuals? Simply discover her and advise her to return home. We won’t let anything happen to her. Tune says her telephone is off. Mauha cries. Chachi says don’t cry. She will return home.

Examiner says Nimki demolished her case by running. We have a capture warrant. Tune says I didn’t tell Ram everything. I don’t’ want him to get stressed on his way. Elena says why is police searching for Nimki? Elena sees Nimki. Nimki asks her to remain quiet. Elena says you kidded to them that you will handover Nimki to them right? he says no I should. We need to organize with police. Nimki is stunned.




Nimki is in Elena’s room. Dadi sees her.


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