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Nimki Mukhiya 21st May 2018 Written Episode Update

Nimki Mukhiya 7th June 2018 Written Episode Update

Nimki Mukhiya 21st May 2018 Written Episode Update


Nimki Mukhiya 21st May 2018 Written Episode Update Nehar says that is Nimki. Catch her. She runs. Nehar’s men pursued her. Nimki falls yet gets up. She keeps running in the wilderness. Nimki says break for two minutes. I have been running day and night.

Nimki says you both ate and rested soundly yet I didn’t. This isn’t a reasonable race. You can’t pursue me until the point that I go there. She pursues they run her. Nimki comes before Nehar’s auto. The auto hits her and she tumbles down. Nehar and kundan turn out. Their men encompass her. Nehar says see this mukhiya Nimki. They all chuckle at her.

Dadi says where has that Nimki gone? Annaro says for what reason do you stress such a great amount over her? Rekah says Dadi administers to her. Babbu says quiets down. Ritu says what will we do once she returns? Dadi says babbu did you ask her? Rekha says babbu must be

searching for her. Tetter says quiets down; Annaro says imagine a scenario in which police has captured her. Tetter gets a call from Nehar. He says I won’t pick. Babbu says pick and see what he needs to state. He picks. Nehar says do you know the news? Give me a chance to give you the breaking news. Your Nimmki who kept running from police is at last gotten. I got her. Everybody is stunned. Babbu says he is lying.

Nehar says Nimki is with us. Tetter says don’t lie. He says Nimki is with me. Ritu says don’t play this diversion to know where she is. Nehar says pause… He says Nimki talk. Nimki says father in law. Ritu says how could they discover you? She says I was on street. I will tell police they captured me. Nehar says what… She says I can state that you will be imprisoned. Annaro says she is so shrewd. Babbu says we need to go. He takes out his firearm. Ritu says its opportunity to go something. Babbu leaves with his men.

Mauha says mother eat. He says I won’t until the point when Nimmki is back. Mauha says I won’t eat either. Chachi says you both need to eat. Tune says they do show like Nimki now. Mauha says you couldn’t care less in regards to Nimki. Go from here. Chachi says quietly down. Nimki ran herself.

Tune says they are concerned. Chachi says Tune is similarly stressed as Ram. Tune says nobody extremely comprehends me. Mono says I am sad. He embraces him. Chachi embraces Mauha. Nehar’s men remove Nimki from the wilderness. Nimki says Babbu will slaughter all of you. They place her in auto. Babbu accompanies his men.




Nimki says my legend is here. Nehar says hit his auto. Babbu’s men begin terminating.


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