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Piya Albela 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Piya Albela 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Piya Albela 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Meghna crying so anyone might hear. Pooja requests that they remain outside. Rahul reveals to Naren that they need to offer at some point to Meghna, and let her be separated from everyone else now. Surbhi comes to Harish and asks where is Dr Sharma. Harish asks what was the deal? Surbhi cries. Harish takes Doctor there. Specialist says it is affirmed that Meghna is assaulted and says she will begin treatment after Police examination. Harish says Police won’t be called and says Baraat will touch base in at some point and requests that they prepare Meghna.

Naren says I will call Police. Harish stops him. Harsha says she is visually impaired and vagrant, and tells that who will wed her. Meghna embraces Surbhi and cries. Neelima says she will prepare Meghna for marriage. Kunal gets down from the steed and strolls with Baraat. Pooja requests that Neelima comprehend being a lady.

Rahul says they won’t comprehend, don’t realize the end result for older folks. He says he will call Police. Harish says if this news goes out then Meghna need to confront embarrassment. Naren says I won’t let anything change in her life. Harish requests that Neelima makes sure then Meghna comes there prepared. Naren says I had sworn that day to ensure each young lady of our home and says Meghna won’t come. Mrs Goenka inquires as to whether he will get his child wed. Mr Goenka says come and fume tamasha. Harish, Satish and Kusum welcome Baraat. Harish tells that all relatives are sitting with Meghna as she got enthusiastic.

Pooja folds her hands and approaches Neelima not to compel Meghna for marriage. Neelima pushes Pooja. Rahul takes Neelima to the side and asks what is her franticness? Neelima says that young lady might wed and it is an improvement for everybody. Meghna gets oblivious. They call the specialist. Mr Goenka tells his significant other that kand has happened. Mrs Goenka says let’s accomplish something and asks Harish for what good reason he is looking stressed. Harish says nothing. Controller Shivani comes there. Does Harish inquire as to for what reason did she come? Overseer Shivani requests that Constables seal all house and says no one can go and come. Mr Goenka asks what was the deal?

Shivani says she got a call from Vyas house. Harish asks who called you. Pooja says we… .Pooja, Naren, Rahul and Surbhi come there. Harish is stunned. Kunal gets up from mandap and Harish, where is Meghna? On the off chance that she is fine? Dada Ji says I will let you know. He apologizes to Mr Goenka and says we couldn’t protect your bahu, she was assaulted in her Mayka. Kunal expels his turban and is stunned. Shivani says today I have seen both father and child are likewise duplicate, lie cunningly. She requests that Constable seal casualty’s room. Naren reveals to Shivani that they will participate with her.

Shivani says your awful past returned following two years and says a visually impaired young lady is assaulted here in this enormous castle. Mr Goenka is unaffected. Meghna is expedited stretcher. Kunal tries to make her cognizant and cries. Shivani requests that he avoid casualty. She solicits Danish to make the rundown from all visitors and says liable is among them. They take Meghna to a clinic. Pooja says they will accompany her, however, Shivani requests that she unwind at home.

Visitor chatters that Meghna is London returned and may have traded off with somebody and labelled her go about an assault. Naren and Pooja stand firm for Meghna. Pooja says no one has the privilege to speak monstrous about the casualty. Rahul requests that all visitors take off. Dada Ji apologizes and says your bahu… .Mr. Goenka says Meghna can’t turn into our bahu now, it is last. Everybody is stunned.




Shivani comes to Vyas manor and tells that she has a question on few individuals. Naren asks who? Shivani says you. Everybody is stunned.

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