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Piya Albela 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Piya Albela 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Piya Albela 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Mr Goenka cancelling the marriage and requests that his significant other Sarita come. Dada Ji, Naren, Rahul and others attempt to stop him. Harish reveals to Naren that his insightfulness has demolished everything today and inquires as to whether he felt great seeing Dada Ji asking in front of them.

Naren says when claim relatives couldn’t care less than for what reason to accuse others. Harish discloses to Pooja that she didn’t keep his pledge. Pooja says Meghna is the regard of the house. Naren says Meghna is our regard and I have vowed to secure each little girl of the house. In the healing facility, Kunal tries to go to meet Meghna in the ICU, yet Shivani stops him and requests that he be watchful.

Harish requests that Naren comprehend and says if this new came to everybody then his political profession will end. Naren says he couldn’t care less in regards to his vocation and tells that on the off chance that he can’t secure Meghna, at that point he can’t ensure individuals. Harish tells that no one might meddle for the situation, and says let the police handle everything. Naren reveals to Supriya that he will go out with Pooja. He advises sorry to learn and says he didn’t ask her previously. Pooja says on the off chance that he had asked then she wouldn’t have felt glad. Dada Ji says Naren isn’t the only one in the battle and tells that they all are with him. Neelima asks Rahul the end result for him. Rahul requests that her not state anything. Harish says it is an assault case and it is difficult to answer questions. Pooja says they will reply.

Investigator Shivani comes there and says criminal is cunning and utilized security while doing wrongdoing, yet even most intelligent criminal leaves proofs. Naren requests that she tell on whom she questions? Shivani says on you? Pooja says what garbage? You can’t accuse my significant other. Shivani says I simply shared my uncertainty and says suspect can be anyone. Harish requests that what she needs to say? Shivani says each man of the house is my suspect. Naren inquires as to why he is questioning on at that point.

Shivani says she got sherwani catch. She demonstrates the catch and says everybody is having same catches in their sherwanis. She solicits men from the house to remain in line and requests that ladies side. Pooja says you can’t do this. Dada Ji requests that they concur. Kunal demands to meet Meghna. Constable says even you are in our uncertainty. Shivani checks Naren and says if the video is made then it will be viral. She checks Naren’s catch. Pooja requests that Shivani tell that his shirt catches are in place with the goal that the video gets more popular.

Somebody comes and tells that Media came here. Naren is going to go, yet Shivani stops him. Pooja says I will go and answer them. Mr Goenka discloses to Sarita that he has sent media to inconvenience them. Sarita inquires as to whether he arranged Meghna’s assault. Mr Goenka says no and advises that he had intended to capture Meghna, yet she was assaulted by another person.

Pooja meets media and reveals to them that bad form won’t occur with the little girl of the house. Shivani tells that the wrongdoing occurred between 3-5 and tells that exclusive relatives can come around then. Dada Ji sees Rahul concealing his sherwani with his sleeve and requests that he appears. Everybody gets stunned seeing catch missing. Dada Ji slaps Rahul and asks what did you do? You have assaulted Meghna. Rahul says I didn’t do anything, I don’t know where my catch fell.

Naren beats Rahul and inquires as to whether he didn’t get disgrace. Neelima requests that Surbhi stop him. Surbhi says a little girl’s dad might be rebuffed for doing this offensive wrongdoing. Rahul tells that he is honest. Shivani requests that Naren quit beating him and captures him. Rahul reveals to them that he was with Pooja outside. He requests that Naren believe him and says he sees Meghna as their friends and family and he didn’t do anything. Pooja comes there and says Rahul is stating a truth.




Pooja advises that Rahul ran with her to get varmala from 3-5 pm. Shivani supposes she is lying and says bahu should be this way. Protestors accumulate outside Vyas Mansion and dissent against the family. One of the man calls Mr Goenka and tells that everything is going on as he arranged.


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