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Piya Albela 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Piya Albela 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Piya Albela 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Rahul disclosing to Naren that he can’t consider doing such thing with Meghna and says he views her as his family. Pooja comes and tells that Rahul is stating truth and advises that he ran with her to get varmala between 3-5 pm. Shivani says alright, I trust that he was with you and asks from where the catch came in Meghna’s garments.

Pooja reviews Rahul’s sherwani catch breaking in front of her in auto. Rahul discloses to Naren that he is blameless and requests that he trust him. Surbhi asks Pooja how she can trust Rahul and says he can do anything. Neelima yells Surbhi. Pooja requests that Shivani check CCTV film and says he was with me in the auto. Shivani says bahu ho to Aisi and tells that Rahul can’t go out. She says she will come early in the day with proofs. Rahul takes a seat on Pooja’s

feet and says I am honest. Pooja influences him to stand. Neelima admonishes Hardik and says Rahul ought to have been orphaned. She chastens him for not supporting Rahul. Surbhi comes and asks how she can tell this. Neelima admonishes Surbhi and Hardik. She requests that Surbhi bolster Rahul regardless of whether he is blameworthy.

Satish discloses to Kusum that they ought to have gone home, however she demanded to go in Naren’s auto. Anuj comes there. Naren comes to realize that his room is fixed as the wrongdoing occurred there. Meghna thinks her life is demolished and delightful day has turned out to be revolting. She advises that she needs to give her announcement in Pooja’s essence.

Mr Goenka’s men challenge outside Vyas house and call him, says they are doing as arranged. Rahul tells that it is demonstrated in CCTV film that he is honest. Shivani says Rahul is honest, yet somebody is blameworthy. She asks Naren where and when he will admit? Naren gets furious. Shivani gets the call and she tells that Victim got cognizance. Naren says we might meet her. Shivani says you can’t meet before we record her announcement. She requests that Pooja accompany her and says she is a casualty for us. Pooja says she is Meghna. Shivani says she is the casualty for us.

Supriya sees Meghna’s stuff and sings Lori. She feels terrible. Harish goes to her. Supriya inquires as to whether he doesn’t feel her torment. Harish says no and advises that it is difficult to tolerate the mortification and don’t know she will take whose announcement. Kunal tries to arrive at her room, however, Shivani stops him. Pooja rushes to Meghna and embraces her. Shivani says should we record her announcement? Meghna cries.

Dada Ji appeals to God and feels terrible for Meghna. Harsha still has feelings of resentment against her and requests that he send Meghna back. Dada Ji appeals to God to demonstrate the light. Pooja requests that Meghna tell whatever she recollects and requests that her not get frightened. Meghna reveals to her something which stuns Pooja. Naren apologizes to Rahul. Rahul says in the event that I would have been at your place at that point responded same way. Naren says I ought to have pause. Rahul says at least we the two siblings are as one. Danish brings ice packs and requests that Naren apply all over.

Surbhi and Dada Ji see them and get glad. Naren reveals to Rahul that once Meghna tells the guilty party’s name, he won’t abandon him. Neelima believes Pooja’s family is exploiting the circumstance. She reveals to Kusum that she has turned out to be outsider subsequent to originating from journey visit. Kunal comes there and yells at Naren. He tries to beat him, however relatives stop him.

Naren asks what was the deal? Shivani says no one but Pooja can uncover reality. Pooja comes there and embraces Naren crying. Dada Ji requests that she tell. Shivani requests that he tell. Pooja tells that Meghna told that whoever has done that with Meghna, had the citrus scent. Naren is stunned. Rahul says who utilizes this aroma. Neelima says thank god, Rahul is spared. They request that Pooja tell. Pooja requests that they stay silent and says Citrus scent fragrance is utilized by Naren. Everybody is stunned. Pooja sits broke. Shivani grins.




Naren inquires as to whether one articulation will smash her trust. Pooja takes a gander at him cryingly.


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