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Piya Albela 29th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Piya Albela

Piya Albela 29th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Piya Albela 29th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Specialist revealing to Rahul that they couldn’t spare Surbhi and she passed on at 2:07 am. Rahul is smashed and cries. Naren embraces him. Later Neelima requests that Supriya not light diya in front of Surbhi’s pic. Supriya inquires as to whether she don’t have any acquaintance with her jija ji. Neelima requests that her go. Pooja says you can’t request that Maa take off.

Neelima says Supriya won’t sit in my Bahu’s sympathy meet. She pushes Supriya, however Naren holds her and requests that Neelima not inconvenience his sibling. Rahul brings Surbhi’s powder and cries. Shivani conveys Harish there and requests that he give sympathy and return to police headquarters, says it is your home at this point. Neelima holds Harish’s neckline and says you didn’t leave even Surbhi. Harish says I didn’t do anything and says I am honest. Rahul gets furious and says he will

not let his appearance fall on Surbhi ‘s pic. He says you are attacker and killer for me. Naren tries to converse with him, however Rahul takes Surbhi’s pic inside. Harish says I am pure calling Rahul. Dada ji says stop it and requests that Harish go out for until the end of time. Harish says bau ji you additionally and feels vulnerable.

He cries severely. Pooja comes to Naren and requests that he let his shortcoming leave with tears. She says you are my quality and in the event that it breaks at that point by what method will I demonstrate Papa’s guiltlessness. Naren says I can’t play this amusement any longer, Papa was offended so much and I couldn’t do anything. I will inform everybody regarding the genuine criminal. Somebody hears them.

Pooja stops Naren and says we will have all confirmations against the offender, simply sit tight for 12 pm.. Guilty party drops the watch. Naren reveals to Pooja that somebody was tuning in to them and requests that her go and bring that last confirmation back. He says he will take mind here.

Supriya inquires as to whether she is going? Pooja says yes and says she needs to get equity for Surbhi and Meghna. Dada ji requests that Pooja not go anyplace and says my heart is shaking. Pooja says I will go and return soon. Dada ji says I will have nourishment with Naren and you. Pooja gestures. She waves bye to Naren and clears out. Jogiya melody plays… She takes a gander at the house and ventures out. All of a sudden their family representation tumbles down. Harsha supposes how could it tumble down? She lifts it up. Meghna tries to encourage her, however Harsha says she will do.

Meghna says on the off chance that I have no place in this family picture? In the event that I am more odd here? She supposes she would prefer not to end up purpose behind this family breakdown. Pooja achieves the wilderness and tells Naren by means of blue tooth that we will have proofs against that criminal. Supriya lights diya in front of Surbhi’s pic and tells that we couldn’t secure you.

She says your uncle didn’t push you and says no one but you can secure your uncle. She requests that her assistance her achieve the criminal and cries.. All of a sudden light set off. Pooja calls Naren and discloses to him that she is strolling with the pen drive towards the auto. The guilty party strolls behind her. Pooja turns and takes a gander at him. She says you… you can’t cover reality. The guilty party shoots at Pooja.

Rahul misses Surbhi and their infant. He says now I comprehend your esteem. I had constantly reviled you and took away two lives. He says I don’t have appropriate to live and says sorry mother… this is my discipline. He points weapon on his brow to shoot at himself. The guilty party shoots at Pooja and she tumbles down reviewing her minutes with Naren. She shuts her eyes.

The offender takes the pen drive and crushes it under his feet. He burrows the land to cover Pooja. Neelima comes and stops Rahul ultimately, similarly as he is going to shoot himself. He says you don’t need this infant. Rahul says it was my oversight. Naren stresses for Pooja. He sees Hardik drinking.

Hardik requests that he sit and says life changed to such an extent. He says he has arranged such a great amount for his terrific little girl. Naren says how might anybody do this with Meghna and Surbhi. Hardik says he detests Harish for doing terrible with Surbhi and Meghna. Danish calls Naren. Naren gets some information about Pooja. He gets stunned.




The guilty party covers Pooja and says he has covered her with proofs. Naren takes out Pooja from the dirt. The guilty party gets back home. Surbhi and Pooja are standing alive in the lobby. Guilty party will be uncovered in tomorrow’s scene.


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