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Piya Albela 31st May 2018 Written Episode Update

Piya Albela

Piya Albela 31st May 2018 Written Episode Update


Piya Albela 31st May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Hardik disclosing to Rahul that he has assaulted numerous young ladies like Meghna and says his casualties were powerless and impeded like Meghna, who had never raised their voice against him. He advises that one Neelima was sufficient to talk much. Harish says you are sickening, you have no disgrace or blame in your eyes, and inquires as to whether his spirit don’t influence him to feel regretful. He says I am embarrassed to believe that I am your senior sibling.

Hardik says Mr. Harish Vyas and says you didn’t do anything enormous throughout everyday life and requests that him not control on him. Naren requests that him not do bad conduct. Harish says what you will do and tells this is a correctional facility like home. He charges Neelima and says who has a spouse like her vibe agonizing. Neelima is going to slap him, however he holds his hand and says she will look appalling without her hand. Naren

requests that Shivani capture him and says he needs restorative help. Supriya says she doesn’t realize what to state. Dada ji says he is feeling remorseful of the little girls and cries. Rahul requests that Shivani take him before he overlook that he is his child. Neelima feels mortified and says Hardik has such a great amount of contempt for me, and I do not understand. She says in the event that I am so awful, and figures no one will regard her in her home, and thinks to submit suicide before getting affronted.

Pooja, Naren, Harish, Rahul and Supriya thump on the entryway and request that her not make any wrong stride. Neelima is going to take resting pills, however, Rahul runs first and stops her. Neelima embraces him and cries. Naren says we will record your separation with Chacha. Neelima says you individuals need this and reveals to Harish that you and your child need this, and says dependably unfairness is going on with his child.

Does Harish inquire as to why she is feeling shaky? Naren takes Rahul to the lobby and requests that Dada ji guarantee Rahul that they will have same right and specialist. Neelima shares her stresses. Dada ji says she is right and advises that he has chosen not to have any relations with Hardik. He says I will believe that I don’t have the second child. Harish embraces him.

Dada ji tells that no bad form will occur with Rahul and Surbhi. Rahul says this time isn’t right. Naren says Rahul will get a similar regard in-house and office which Papa and I will get. Pooja requests that Surbhi help her handle the house. Harsha discloses to Neelima that the children cherish each other a great deal and nothing incorrectly will happen.

Dada ji says nothing incorrectly will occur with Rahul and Surbhi until the point that Naren and Pooja are there. He apologizes to Meghna and calls Danish. Mrs and Mr. Goenka come there and request that they send Meghna not long after marriage. Mr. Goenka says our connection won’t influence our political vocation. Pooja says Rahul and Surbhi will do all customs of Meghna and Kunal’s marriage.

Naren asks Rahul until the point that when he will shroud his feelings. Pooja requests that him not take much time. She gives his turn in Surbhi’s grasp, yet he reclaims the hand. Murmur Saath hai plays as they embrace each other. Meghna expresses gratitude toward God for the satisfaction which came in their life. Naren requests that Dada ji hold up till Meghna bidaai, and not to go on teetra so soon.

Dada ji says I will get peace simply in the wake of going to peace and requests that Meghna proceed onward joyfully overlooking the agony. Meghna gets tragic and says she got everybody’s affection aside from Harish uncle’s adoration.

Neelima thinks about Hardik’s words and feels disturbed reasoning she was remaining with an attacker and a crazy person till now and consumes his photograph outline. Dada ji tells Harish and Harsha that his head twisted down in light of Hardik’s doing and says you both had reviled her and requests that they give her adoration and offer her bye cheerfully.

Kusum does Anuj and Rachel’s aarti and requests that she be with her. Anuj acts to be desirous. Pooja pulls his ears. Kusum says we will do Rachel’s neck as her folks are English. She makes her wear a dupatta on her head. She tells that she will make this infant experienced childhood in her way of life as it were. Pooja requests that her not constrain child and let him experience childhood in the two societies. Anuj reveals to Kusum that she can do whatever she supposes right. Rachel says our infant is your excellent kid in the first place and advises that she needs to do some custom.

Surbhi packs her sacks. Rahul asks where we are going? Surbhi says she is just coming back to her mum and father and requests that him not feel remorseful as she is running with her desire. Rahul asks have you gone frantic? Surbhi says our connection has no age left. Rahul is stunned.

Kusum says no other custom will be taken after here and goes. Naren requests that Rachel get dismal and gets some information about it. Rachel says we picked godparents for our youngsters and says who can be the preferable godparents over Naren and Pooja. Naren and Pooja grin.




Naren, Rahul, Surbhi, Pooja and Meghna move on the melody ek dusre se karte hai pyaar murmur….

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