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Porus 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Porus 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Porus 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Puru taking a gander at Alexander thinks back Rajguru advising his destiny is identified with Alekshen, fore-teller telling same and advising Alexander is coming to assume control over his nation. He supposes this is the man who needs to run my Bharath. He is astounded seeing Barsin with his mom and sister strolling behind Alexander. Alexander requests that them not stress as he did not convey them to murder, he simply needs them to address Farsi individuals with him. Puru figures what must be Alexander’s maxim.

Alexander sees his troopers executing Farsi individuals and yells to stop, triumph brings an obligation to ensure individuals, will they slaughter their kin their family like this, they are a piece of Macedonia now and merits regard like Macedonian individuals. Ephesian asks what is he saying. Alexander says he is correct, they are Macedonian residents now and it is our obligation to ensure them.

Puru says Macedonia is astounding, first the murders individuals and afterwards acts securing them. Alexander tends to individuals and apologizes for whatever happened. He says battle occurs amongst lords and not their families, from hereon Darius’ family is his family. Laachi reveals to her group that implies Barsin and her family will be under Alexander’s grasp. Puru says he will attempt to spare Barsin and family some way or another. Ambhi requests that not go alone as they ought not to be seen by anybody. Puru who said he will.

Alexander keeps tending to Farsi subjects and guarantees that they are sheltered under his run and welcomes them for a gathering and devour. Puru returns. Laachi asks what did he do. He says nothing huge, he gave a blessing to Alexander for triumph. Alexander keeps tending to individuals.

Fire ejects all of a sudden. Alexander and his group alarms. Laachi asks Puru how did u give a flag of his essence to Basin. He says he did likewise which he did in Pourav rastra, Barsin will understand his quality effortlessly now. Troopers indicate zooming glass to Alexander. Barsin seeing it thinks back flame episode in Farsi market and Alexander tolerating he did it and smilingly looks Alexander. Puru says Barsin’s grin delineates she realised his quality. Laachi says considerably, Alexander.

In Pourav rastra, Bamni in raj sabha visits with his group of neighbour lords not tolerating to help him to shield Bharath from Alexander’s interruption. Ambhi raj says without their assistance, they can’t prevail upon Alexander. Shivdutt excitedly takes a gander at the entryway. Kanishk asks what is he up to. He requests to pause and watch. Shivdutt’s manikins enter and begin crying. Bamni asks the end result for them. They cry that sovereign Purshottam is no more.

Shvidutt goes about as alarming them to talk truth. They say they saw Puru’s indented pontoon with a gap in it and crocodile around mind blood all finished vessel, they couldn’t get even a solitary dead body. Shivdutt holds his neck and cautions to not lie. Bamni stops him and requests that not hurt his ambassadors and says he is certain that Puru and his group is alive, they are exceptionally overcome warriors and are master in oceanic battle, he is certain they are alive. He arranges Shivdutt to send their master jumpers to seek Puru and his group. Ambhi Raj says even he will send his group.

Puru indicates him group that Alexander has kept Barsin and her family here. Laachi asks in what capacity will they cross Alexander and his arm and reach there. Puru advises his arrangement to them, how they will cross all obstructions masked as Farsi and achieve Barsin’s room when Alexander and his armed force are occupied in festivities. Laachi inquires as to whether Alexander won’t distinguish them camouflaged as Farsi. Puru tells Alexander demonstrated to him away, no one will recognize them as Farsi.




Shivdutt’s manikins demonstrate Laachi, Ambhi Kumar, and Puru’s possessions and they are certain Puru and his group are no more. Puru achieves Barsin’s room, and she gets upbeat seeing him. Alexander appreciates Farsi move. Ephesian says Alexander ought to be renamed Sikandar.


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