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Porus 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Porus 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Porus 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Shivdutt reproves envoys not to lie about Puru and his group’s passing. Delegates cry and act that they are telling truth and show Puru, Ambhi Kumar, and Laachi’s effects. Bamni, Ambhi Raj, and Dasyu raj cry seeing their kids’ things, trusting they are dead.

In Faras, Barsin’s mom reveals to her girls that they were getting pleased passing, however now they need to carry on with a priceless life and go to their adversary’s gathering. Basin requests that not lose trust, they will get away. Mother asks how. She says pause and watches. Alexander strolls in wearing Farsi garments and holding wine and says he needed to celebrate in Farsi garments, did they like it. He says resembles his voice isn’t contacting them, he will draw close to them. He strolls towards them. They get anxious, however, Barsin keeps grinning. Alexander inquires as to why she is grinning so much, in the event that she has arranged something. He knows she came back from Bharath a little while ago and is great on legislative issues.

Anusuya takes a gander at Puru’s name and grins. Bamni demonstrates her Puru’s anklet. She approaches Puru wore while leaving for Farsi, what is it doing here. Bamni says Puru’s vessel sank and reveals to her entire occurrence. Anusuya says her child is alive as she didn’t get any sign that her child is unwell, a mother can feel what others can’t feel. Her child is conceived in water and water can’t end his life.

She saw her child being tossed in Jhelum stream, however, a mother’s heart knew it can’t execute her child. Bamni says she gives him motivation at whatever point she is with him. She requests to confide in his inclination, they didn’t locate any dead bodies, a child is alive and he knows Puru does not leave any assignment fragmented. Puru has gone to meet his destiny at Faras and him more likely than not achieved Faras at this point.

Puru strolls into a party scene with other Farsi individuals. Alexander takes a gander at entryway anxiously for Barsin, yet misses Puru and his group’s checkup. Puru tells his group that Alexander acknowledged something isn’t right, they need to discover Barsin soon.




Puru achieves Barsin’s room and says Bharti can go to any degree to satisfy their guarantee. Alexander asks Ephastian for what good reason Barsin is taking so much time. Ephesians says let us go and check. Alexander strolls towards Barsin’s room.


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