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Prithvi Vallabh 19th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Prithvi Vallabh

Prithvi Vallabh 19th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Prithvi Vallabh 19th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Prithvi playing a melodic instrument. Vaid Raj comes and says you are rousing to play music in this hardest time. He tells that he has heard that Mrinal will accompany the more hazardous arrangement against him. Prithvi tells verse and says she realizes that she needs to apply salve on my injuries. Mrinal comes and tosses Veena.

Prithvi lifts it up. Sulochana says Guru Aditya satisfied his desire as he guaranteed to hemraj. Prithvi tells that Guru Aditya brought it for him, and says, fortunately, it didn’t break. Vikramjeet discloses to Tailap that individuals are discussing Mrinal and fears Chalukya Samrajya may devastate. Tailap says I would need to execute you on the off chance that you were not our companion. Vikram says numerous kingdoms decline to help us in light of kiss occurrence.

Tailap says it was a wrongdoing. Vikramjeet says there is one arrangement and says Mrinal need to take off. Tailap asks how could you? Vikramjeet says I need to state that she might go out for few days. Tailap says Akka won’t go anyplace, her life and soul is here. He says don’t you need your sister to be fine. He says what you have seen, she has endured. He says in the event that she leaves then her psychological condition will be fine. He requests that he converse with Mrinal and grins.

Troopers bring the wooden stand. Mrinal comes there. Prithvi grins seeing her and tells verse. He says she will be pulled in to him more. Mrinal says I will break your self-image. Prithvi tells verse and says I might be alive or not, but rather my torment will be on your eyebrows. They attached him to the wooden stand. Sulochana requests that Mrinal reconsider. Mrinal requests that she do as she said.

Satyagraha prepares to go on a war. Jakala comes and says she can hardly imagine how her child is going to a war to demonstrate his capacity. She endowments his sword. Satyagraha says regardless you recollect, it is great that I am grown up soon. She requests that he win and tells the war is won by insight and not by strength, Satyagraha approaches her to make plans for festivity. Mrinal takes an enormous iron nail and penetrates on his hand utilizing a mallet.

Prithvi squirms miserably. Vaid Raj comes to Guru Aditya and tells about Mrinal’s fiercely tormenting Prithvi. He requests that he slaughter Prithvi on the off chance that he is an adversary, yet not to inconvenience him like this. Master Aditya says Mrinal is experiencing intense circumstances and she resembles my little girl. Mausi comes to Kosha. Kosha tells that she is feeling torment. Mausi tells that she is feeling Mrinal torment and says today I trusted that one lady is faulted in a general public.

Satyagraha comes to Vilas and says I am going to a war. He says I am will change myself and will return for you. He clears out. Prithvi blacks out. Mrinal asks where is your quality, tolerance, sense of self and asks won’t you influence me to hear verse. She is going to go. Prithvi tells verse once more.

Sulochana gets mournful eyes. Mrinal says your heart is your concern and today I will end it as well. She takes a nail to penetrate his chest. Prithvi requests that her not falter and tells verse once more. Mrinal is going to penetrate nail on his chest when Guru Aditya comes and stops him. Mrinal goes furiously. Master Aditya requests that Soldiers free Prithvi. Vaid raj removes the nail from his palms. Prithvi feels torment.

Bhilamp Raj discloses to Lakshmi that since he called Vikramjeet here, surprising things happening. He presumes him. Vilas comes and gives him a blessing. He embraces her and solicits her to take mind from mrinal.

Jakala does aarti and implores God. She swings to go and sees Kosha coming. She stops kosha and requests that her not make assist more strides. She says this pooja put is for raj pariwar family. Kosha says everybody is same here. She says I will come before you when I make my place guaranteed in Raj Mahal. Jakala is stunned.

Mrinal is enraged. Master Aditya goes to her and asks how she can do such cruel act with him. He says I had cautioned you that you should not do anything incorrectly. He requests that she keep her sentiments in charge. Mrinal asks how might I give him a chance to favour my face.

Master Aditya says he can comprehend what she is experiencing. Prithvi again takes a melodic instrument and plays on it. He feels torment. He recalls everything and kissing Mrinal. He plays the veena. Mrinal says now you guide me? He assaults me sitting in kara gear. Master Aditya requests that she keep him alive.



Vikramjeet advises Tailap to pick amongst Satyagraha and Mrinal. Mrinal discloses to Tailap that she is dubious that he is misinformed against her. Tailap reveals to her that she is calmed from all obligations. Mrinal is stunned.


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