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Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 31th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 31th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 31th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Diya fixes Ratan’s jacket catch. Ratan pulls her towards him. She says she knows his expectation, he won’t get kiss. He says he won’t abandon her effortlessly. CT strolls in approaching Ratan on the off chance that he went for showering. He anxiously go separate ways and says he is going. CT inquires as to whether she makes malpua/desserts. She says yes.

Mohana enters and demands CT to sent Sakshi and Diya to play carom amusement with them. CT concurs. Diya smiles at Ratan. They all begin playing carom. Mohana brings juice for them. Ratan tastes and gives his glass to Diya. She tastes from his glass. Sakhsi requests that Diya not get vanquished from Ratan and Mohana. Ratan holds Diya’s hand and says he is holding his better half’s hand. She tries to free herself, however he keeps holding her hand and requests that Diya shoot ruler. She misses and

says Ratan deceived. Ratan asks what did he do. She says he… at that point says nothing. Ratan shoots ruler and winks at Diya, says ruler is his. He reveals to Yash that he won carom ruler, however shouldn’t something be said about his genuine ruler. Yash says Mohana that they didn’t see motion picture since long, so let every one of us go to theater. Sakshai says even she will accompany.

Diya goes to space to prepare. Ratan says they are not going and tosses counterfeit cockroach on her. She yells and covers up. Ratan says it is phoney, yet her dread was not, pause and watch what he will do. CT thumps entryway and asks what happened. He influences Diya to mull over a bed, opens entryway and discloses to CT that Diya deals with them all, she herself fell and sprained her lower leg, she can’t wake up by any means.

CT inquires as to whether it is tormenting. Diya says yes. CT says she won’t head out to motion picture and will lay down with Diya today, goes to advise others. Ratan gets dismal. At midnight, Ratan strolls to Diya and calls her. CT awakens and asks what is he doing here. He says he was at rest and comes back to his bed. Diya giggles quietly.

Next morning, Pandit comes and discloses to CT that Yash called her here. Ratan says he called her and thinks back approaching Yash to discover an answer for his concern. He says CT that Pandits trick individuals and tosses counterfeit scorpion on pandit. Pandit gets anxious and flees. Yash says pandit does not know his future and is foreseeing other’s future, they ought not to put stock in superstition. CT says Yash is correct, they should give Diya and Ratan a chance to hang out and has an arrangement.

During the evening, Diya plans sustenance in the kitchen. Ratan strolls in and asks how did light go. Diya says she doesn’t have even an inkling, just they both are in entire royal residence and rest of family went out. He gets sentimental and pulls her towards him. She applies choc on his cheek. Mera Naam Ishq… song..plays out of sight. He lifts her and consumes her to space.

They investigate each other’s eyes. Ratan closes entryway and strolls back to her and dorns shroud all over and pulling her toward him kisses his nose and pulls cloak up. He at that point lifts her and takes her on a bed. He expels his overcoat and sits holding her hand. Tune… proceeds out of sight. He inclines toward her, and they perfect their marriage.

Next morning, Diya awakens and pulls blinds away and keeps Ratan’s turn in hot tea, wishing him great morning spouse. Ratan says great morning spouse, she woke him up with hot tea, he will recollect this uncommon minute. He applies bindi on her brow. Diya says he has shocked and demonstrates Europe’s business class tickets, says entire family gave them a special first-night blessing.

He embraces her and says even he has present for her and demonstrating her board says he will change as she loves. She says she was youthful sincerely around then, you should love the individual the way he is and ought not to attempt to change that individual. Ratan says she scared him with dingy discourse.

They both stroll down to the lounge room and contact CT’s feet. Yash apologizes Ratan for questioning him as phoney and put stock in psychological militant. Ratan says fear based oppressor came getting his work done. Diya says without his assistance, they would not have gotten psychological oppressor. Mohana says the way he utilized his police strategies, he ought to rejoin police constraint. Ratan and Diya likewise demand. He wears police advise and requests that Diya and Ratan prepare for the wedding trip.

Diya strolls to her room and packs an iron box and different things. Ratan says they are going on vacation and will get all these in inns. Hireling educates that legal counsellor has come. Ratan strolls down and reveals to CT that he needs to influence Diya as Kesar To gathering’s CEO again and exchange half of his properties in Diya’s name.




Diya feels sick and bleary-eyed. The specialist checks her illuminates she is getting to be a mother. Diya educates Ratan who says he wouldn’t like to assume up this liability at the present time and she ought not to contradict.


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