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Top 4 Best Romantic Husband in TV Shows – RANKED as per poll Results!!

The Top 4 Best Actors Of The Month (April 2018) – Ranked As Per Poll Results

The Husband characters on TV have set the standards for the best Husband rather very high. The TV Husband is just ideal examples for many andIt is examples of our real life.You as a viewer have voted for your Best Romantic on screen Husband on Indian TV and Let’s see Who is the best on-screen Romantic husband on TV this time?


Romantic Husband in TV Shows


RANKED – Number Four


Harman Singh – (Shakti — Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki)


Harman of Shakti is no doubt one of the most loved husbands on TV Shows. Harman loves his wife despite her not being a woman fully and gives a curse to what the world thinks around him.

He loves Soumya for her innocence and her cordial beauty and has even risked his life, honour and challenged the operable mindset about love.

For him, love isn’t restricted within the mete of lingam physical needs or societal rules.


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RANKED – Number Three


Neil Khanna – (Naamkarann)


ACP Neil Khanna became the man who loved his love. Then he became the man who broke the law for his love.

He fell in love with a girl whose heart and mind was wounded. She was an injured tigress and somehow Neil had to domestic her before she went out for a victim

Every situation he loves his wife unconditional and he wants to protect her wife.He had to fight with his love for the sake of love.

He creates every moment special for Avni.Neil had very honest heart and love her wife purely.No doubt about it very good and Romantic husband.Remember “Neil and Avni hot romance night”.Its just super hot romance in tv shows.


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RANKED – Number Two


Shivaay Singh Oberoi – (Ishqbaaz)


Shivaay Singh Oberoi in Star Plus’ Ishqbaaz the actor came on screen, subdued hearts and he continues to rule them.

Shivaay knew he was wrong in the way he married Anika and that he could never undo it but he gave her time as much as possible to feel comfortable with him.It’s good human and better husband quality.

Shahrukh Khan romances like the king of Bollywood but Nakuul Mehta is no less on the small screen on till date.Remember Shivaay “Laal Ishq” Senses that Senses Nakuul Mehta as Shivaay proves how much he Romantic? Shivaay always cares of Anika and every place he makes Romantic.


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Ranked – Number One


Kartik Goenka – (Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai)


Mohsin Khan is really good as Kartik Goenka and we all know.Another thing his very Romantic Husband, Why? so read this..

Kartik is a hopeless romantic and we are sure, everybody knows this. The special things he often does for Naira are a proof of that.

When he looks at Naira shout about him being a hopeless romantic. Remember his proposal scene? He went on to say ‘I Love You’ more than 20 times in a single scene.When he knew naira conceiving issues but he not left Naira rather he to try to support her.This matter he proves he is very good husband.

Moreover, he is someone who dreams and his dreams come true as well. Kartik has dreamt of almost 78 dreams with Naira till date and his dreams are as beautiful as his love for Naira in real. He gets happy and content with small things. One simple posture of Naira makes his day complete.

Every time Kartik prove his love for Naira.Kartik loves Naira with all his heart and soul.


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