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Savitri Devi 12th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Savitri Devi

Savitri Devi 12th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Savitri Devi 12th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Veer coming to Sanchi. Jaya says I want to tell you something and apologizes to him. She says I thought you wrong and said so much in anger. She says today I am repenting for my decision. She then apologizes to Sanchi for doubting on her love, trust and choice. She says I am sure now that my daughter has chosen a right guy. She apologizes to Sanchi. Veer holds her hand and asks her not too embarrassed by them.

He says you were worried for Sanchi, and says today you have accepted me from the heart, and officially I became your damaged. He touches her feet. Jaya hugs both of them. Gayatri and Dr Malhotra drink wine. He tells that your plan failed to sacrifice Veer, and I was about to get trapped, but you managed to rescue me. He says but we lost a good surgeon, Dr Kabir. Gayatri says if you had exposed today then we would have lost respect and many things. He says you have saved me and thanked her.

Sanchi and Veer come home. Savitri stops them. She gets up from a wheelchair and walks towards them. Sanchi says you are fine. Veer asks why you are stopping me. Savitri says you have done so much for Veer and this family, but I have given you hatred. She says you were just Veer’s wife, but today I will welcome my bahu and do her Grah Pravesh. She does her aarti and asks her to kick Kalash and get inside. Veer gets emotional and hugs her. Savitri gives Mumbai tickets and asks them to pack their bags. She asks them to go surely today. Veer and Sanchi hug her. Veer says I am happy that our relation got your approval.

Gayatri and Dr Malhotra are shocked. She tells Savitri that she did hurry and says Sanchi is Jaya’s daughter. Savitri says Sanchi has passed all tests and asks Jaya to take out all grudges, hatred for her from her heart. Dr Malhotra says we will play our conspiracy when right times comes.

Dr Kabir comes home and sees Sanchi in the mirror. He asks don’t you trust me? Sanchi says no and says I hate you. She says she loves Veer a lot and can do anything for him. He sees Sanchi hugging Veer and breaks mirror angrily. His hand bleeds. He says nobody can see the wound on his heart, and I won’t let that wound heal. He plans revenge on Sanchi. Pragya brings a dress for Sanchi. Sanchi refuses to wear it on her first night.

Veer also brings some clothes. Pragya keeps the dress which she brought in the suitcase. Vikrant plays cards with his friends and lose. They ask him to give 2 lakh Rs. Vikrant says he will give. Veer and Sanchi leave for the honeymoon. Vikrant calls Priya a blackmailer and asks her to give Dr Malhotra’s watch. Priya gets thinking when he calls her baby. Veer and Sanchi arrive in Mumbai. Someone steals her bag. Sanchi tells Veer that her bag is stolen. Veer asks her to relax and says they will buy clothes again. They come to the hotel and comes to know that there is no booking in his name.




Someone is keeping eye on Sanchi and Veer while they are in their room. Sanchi asks Veer to get ice cream for her when she sees a clown coming towards her.



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