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Savitri Devi 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Savitri Devi

Savitri Devi 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Savitri Devi 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts with Assistant disclosing to Veer that typical room is set up for their name and not vacation suite. Veer says what is going on. Sanchi says it’s alright, we won’t get some other in here. They come to a room and see the isolated single beds. She says now this happened. Veer says little things do happen. A woman watches out for them. Sanchi returns and discovers Veer note. She grins.

Pragya calls Sanchi and requests that she give full subtle elements. Sanchi discloses to her that the sack is stolen and afterwards they didn’t get special night suite. Pragya requests that they make the room uncommon. She requests that her open Veer’s pack and says now you have no alternative. You need to wear this dress. Sanchi says alright and closes the call. Veer thinks to go and call Sanchi.

Simply then his companion Vivek calls him and asks how is he? Veer says I came here with my better half. Vivek says wedding trip? Veer says yes and tells that his significant other is sitting tight for him. Vivek compels him to have a drink with him. Veer concurs. Sanchi supposes I am as yet wearing the same dress since morning… She wears the dress skilled by Pragya. Vivek makes the drink and includes tablet in it, and signs somebody. He gives spiked drink to Veer and smiles. Veer drinks it.

Sanchi figures Veer didn’t come till now and thinks to check. She calls him, yet he didn’t pick the call. Sanchi wears shrug and thinks to check. Vivek influences Veer to drink more spiked wine. At the point when Veer is going to go, a woman comes and approaches him for a move. Veer won’t. Vivek requests that he move. She takes him to move the floor. Veer is completely flushed and is under the medications impact. He envisions Sanchi with him and hits the dance floor with the young lady. Sanchi comes there looking for him and is stunned to see him hitting the dance floor with a young lady. He at that point sees Sanchi and goes to her. Does he inquire as to whether you are here then I was hitting the dance floor with whom? Sanchi consumes him to space. Somebody takes a gander at them.

Sanchi consumes him to space and admonishes him for hitting the dance floor with the young lady abandoning her. Veer says sorry and advises that I was coming to a room when I met my companion, who influenced me to drink commandingly, at that point that young lady, I thought she is you and that is the reason moved. He says embellishment was great and you should be compensated. He embraces her and dozes. Sanchi says so this embrace is my reward. She discovers him dozed and influences him to lay on a bed. She expels his shoes and so on. Somebody opens the window and peeps inside. Sanchi shuts the lights.

Vikrant returns home. Priya says I was sitting tight for you. Vikrant says I was trapped. Priya says blackmailer called and requesting Papa’s watch. Vikrant says it is exceptionally tiring and says you need to take once more. Priya says he called me infant. Vikrant says just I call you infant and requests that she satisfy his request. Priya says alright.

Next morning, Veer brings presents for Sanchi. Sanchi awakens and sees Veer. Veer says sorry taking cover behind huge teddy. He sits ups and says too bad. Sanchi says she will concur on the off chance that he guarantees not to do this once more. Veer guarantees her and gives her garments and says you have blessing as well, yet first put on something else. He gets Savitri’s call and converses with her. Savitri inquires as to whether they are battling. Veer says who battles amid wedding trip. A lady comes there and takes the blessing and replaces the blessing with comparative blessing box. Veer turns, however she is as of now gone.




A jokester alarms Sanchi grasping a blade. Sanchi gets frightened and embraces Veer, however, he covers up. Later she sees expand in the auto and discloses to Veer that jokester had same inflatables.



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