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Savitri Devi 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Savitri Devi

Savitri Devi 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Savitri Devi 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Veer’s blessing with other blessings. Sanchi comes and opens the blessing. She sees punching joker and gets frightened. She asks him for what good reason did the trick on her. Veer discloses to her that he brought hoops for her and requests that her not stress. Sanchi embraces him. Somebody is watching out for them. Dr Malhotra reveals to Savitri that his watch is absent. Dadi says painting is likewise absent. Savitri says my genealogical accessory is missing too. Gayatri denounces Sanchi for taking the stuff. Savitri requests that her not point the finger at Sanchi and says she gave her adornments to me for safety’s sake. Dr Malhotra says we should call Police. Vikrant frenzies and tells that they should call Police if a robbery happens once more. Savitri says alright.

Mr Saxena comes and advises that his clinic need to do organization with them. Dr Malhotra says your healing centre is among 10 clinics of America and says what to examine. Jaya says we will be cheerful to work with you. Mr Saxena says we should do the arrangement. Jaya says our senior member went out and we might do the association after she comes. Dr Malhotra says I will get back to Sanchi. Jaya says it isn’t required and tells that they will do bargain after she comes. Mr Saxena goes. Jaya tells Dr Malhotra that she realizes that he needs to ruin their wedding trip, however, she won’t let that happen. Veer and Sanchi want shopping. Sanchi says she needs frozen yoghurt.

Veer goes to bring it. Man wearing jokester draws close to her. Veer returns. Sanchi embraces him and tells that the joker is coming towards her. Veer says there is no one here and requests that she see. Sanchi looks on and sees no one. Veer says we will go for shopping now, with the goal that your state of mind changes. They go to a shop. Veer chooses hoops for her. Sanchi is going to attempt it on her ears, yet simply then she sees comedian again in the mirror and gets stunned. She yells calling Veer. Veer says it is your dream. Sanchi says I need to backpedal to an inn. She sees inflatables fixing to auto and says they are same inflatables which joker was holding. They sit in auto and takes off.

Savitri calls Dadi and Gayatri and tells that she recovered her neckband. Gayatri says she discovered Dr Malhotra’s watch moreover. Dadi says it is great. Vikrant discloses to Priya that he has kept phoney things with the goal that burglary edge goes. Priya discloses to him that blackmailer called. Vikrant requests that she go alone and tells about the place. Priya asks how would you know? Vikrant says you revealed to me this.

Veer conveys Sanchi to a room and makes her rest. He supposes to accomplish something exceptional for her. Priya presumes Vikrant and secures his restroom. She goes to the said spot and keeps the watch, however, no one comes. She supposes her uncertainty was correct, Vikrant is the blackmailer. She takes the watch back and figures how might he deceive me so huge.

Veer goes to the gathering and requests that they offer a note to his better half and guarantees that today around evening time will be the greatest night of her life. Sanchi gets upbeat. That stalker comes and takes one of the note. Sanchi goes to the gathering. Secretary gives her note and says he adores you a considerable measure. Sanchi sits tight for him. The driver comes and says Dr Veer sent him to lift her up. Sanchi figures Veer and his amazement will never end. Jaya demonstrates Sanchi and Veer’s photograph outline and says she didn’t give them anything till now. Sanchi sits in auto. Driver eyes her. photograph outline breaks. Jaya gets stunned and says my children are in peril.




Sanchi goes to the place while daze collapsed Someone in Veer’s voice requests that she vibe him. He touches her with desire. Sanchi says you can’t be my Veer.


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