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Shakti 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Shakti 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Shakti 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Sameer’s mum seeing Soumya in a kitchen and requests that he tosses her out. Sameer asks his mum what was the deal? His mum asks do I make untasty nourishment. Sameer says no and that is the reason I am brilliant. His mum advises that Soumya is requesting that she sit and told that she is cooking sustenance. Soumya reveals to Sameer that it is his obligation to help his mom.

Sameer inquires as to whether they have kinship between them just and says she generally get his neck. Soumya says until the point that I am here, I will make breakfast. Sameer’s mum says she will make sustenance. Sameer says I have a thought and says we might make nourishment today. Sameer and his mum cut vegetables. Soumya gets enthusiastic and goes. His mum requests that he go and check whether she is crying. Sameer says alright and takes belan with him.

Harman comes to Preeto and sees her resting. He comes to her room and asks what was the deal? Preeto gradually requests that he seek Soumya. Harman checks and says you have a fever. I will call a specialist. Jasleen comes and requests that Harman seek Soumya. Harman requests that her not stress and says your child will bring Soumya back. Jasleen requests that he go. Harman says I will send specialist and asks her not to take tension. Sameer approaches her for what good reason did she get miserable? Soumya says close relative Ji would have given me an opportunity to cook in a kitchen on the off chance that I was her little girl. Soumya requests that he take her to shop and says I am fine there. She says everybody got identified with me with their loving and I had no privilege on them.

Sameer says I attempted to influence you to grin, however, design tumbled. He requests that she make rotis and not to cry. Harman comes to a sanctuary and goes to Mata Rani, and says you may surmise that I have ventured down in front of you on Soumya’s request, yet what I may do now? He says I never approached you for anything, yet today I am standing in front of you as my life is left from me. He says I don’t concur that Soumya gave her life, and requests that she tell where is his Soumya.

He says I will come day by day and will light diyas on my hand, today 11, tomorrow 21 and day after tomorrow 51 et cetera. He says I am confident that you will pardon me without a doubt. He lights Diyas on his hand. Sameer goes to his mum and says she is exceptionally senti. His mum tells that Soumya is a jewel and says she is okay to sob for obligations. She is extremely special. Sameer requests that what she needs to say? He says you need to get it. she comes to Soumya and says we will do kitchen cooperate. Soumya says she needs Sameer to do her work.

Varun insults Maninder as he is clearing the street. Surbhi requests that Maninder accompany her. Maninder requests that Surbhi go and says he is insane and will do siyappa. Surbhi says I will perceive what he can do. Varun advises her to do as she says. Surbhi requests that him not inconvenience them and do whatever he needs and leave from their life. Varun says once DNA test is done, I will choose what to do.

Chanda stresses for Soumya. They catch wind of Harman lighting diyas on his turn in a sanctuary. Saya and others keep running there and attempt to stop them. Harman says this is my compensation for Soumya.

Soumya demonstrates the toys which she made and contracts ladies to auction it. She says we will give half benefit to them. Sameer says half is more? His mum likewise says the same. Soumya says their hard work is more as they will go out and offer. Lady says it is alright. Sameer says Soumya is correct. Sameer’s mum requests that Soumya break the coconut and calls her Lakshmi symbol. Soumya requests that Sameer break the coconut, yet his mum persuades her. Soumya supposes she is a kinnar, yet they called her Lakshmi and requests that Goddess Lakshmi keep her regard.


Sameer discloses to Soumya that he got 4000 benefits. He takes her out and tells everybody that his fortunes are lit up in view of Soumya and his business is booming. Everybody applauds. Soumya liberates her hand.

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