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Shakti 12th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Shakti 12th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Shakti 12th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Sameer’s mum offering coconut to Soumya. Soumya takes a coconut from her hand and breaks it. Jasleen deals with Preeto. Saya calls Jasleen and informs her concerning Harman. Jasleen gets stunned. Harman is as yet lighting Diya on his hand. Jasleen comes there and asks where is Harman? Saya says he is inside the sanctuary. Jasleen keeps running inside and requests that he get back home.

Harman says he will light the Diya until the point that Mata Rani signs him that Soumya is alive or not. Jasleen takes Diya from his hand and keeps close to Mata Rani. Harman tells about his promise. Jasleen requests that he satisfy his pledge and runs out. She cries and points the finger at herself capable. Saya says there is no reason to worry and requests that her not cry. She says nothing will change. Saya says I wish that supernatural occurrence might happen and Soumya should be back.

Soumya supposes she doesn’t get satisfaction or grin all over at this point. Ladies workers come back to Sameer and give him 4000 Rs. Sameer says I will give your cash tomorrow, and goes inside. He reveals to Soumya that Lakshmi is pouring on him, she is propitious for him, now he will wed somebody soon. He holds her hand and takes her outside, illuminating everybody that this young lady is promising for him and she is his beginning and end now. Soumya gets irate and takes off. One of the men requests that he do diligent work. Sameer says alright and goes behind Soumya. He says you resemble a blessed messenger in my life, you are fortunate and my great companion. Soumya says she doesn’t trust in relations, and just puts stock in relations which is made by God, and not in the relations which people made.

Sameer says your better half isn’t right, and that doesn’t imply that all men are terrible. Soumya gets furious and says you have no rights to state anything. Sameer says I will state at the same time, my kinship is far superior to your significant other’s adoration. He says don’t know how your significant other was, who left such great and cherishing young lady. He says my kinship will recuperate your torment. Soumya requests that he take off. Sameer’s mum comes there and slaps Sameer. She says relations are not made this way, says you have done what’s needed dramatization. She says I have made kheer and goes. Soumya ponders Harman and supposes he didn’t do any slip-up. It was all my misfortune, I lost everything. Sameer comes in the wake of shutting the shop and they leave for home.

Harak Singh calls Kishan Lal. Kishan is drinking with Raveena and Kareena in the neighbourhood bar. Harak Singh asks what is his arrangement? Kishan Lal tells that he has procured a few men to do his work. Harak Singh says my tiger is eager for your blood and says work might be finished. Shanno hears him and supposes what he implied? Harman calls Soumya, however, a number is turned off. Soumya is in her room and supposes I realize that I miss you in particular. She says your memory keeps me wakeful in the night.

I simply need to hear you once and carry on with as long as I can remember hearing you, yet I can’t call you despite the fact that I recall your number. She tells Harman, Preeto and Surbhi’s number. Harman reveals to Jasleen that Soumya’s telephone is off. He tells that call isn’t associating. Jasleen says telephone will be associated in the event that it has a sim card. Soumya says Raavi’s number and supposes she needs to recollect them along these lines. Sameer’s mum comes there and requests that her rest. Soumya tries to rest. Harman comes to someplace and calls for Soumya. He lights the flame and requests that Soumya come. He sees Soumya coming and holds her face.




Harman asks Soumya where did you go, and says I will never inconvenience you. He guarantees to keep her upbeat and requests that she embraces him and pardon him. Soumya embraces and excuses them.


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