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Shakti 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Shakti 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Shakti 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts with Harman promising Soumya to return home on the off chance that she at any point adored him and gives a guarantee of his adoration and guarantees not to hurt her. He approaches her to excuse him for one final time… Music plays…Soumya takes a gander at him and gets passionate. Harman argues in front of her for pardoning. Soumya embraces him. Harman additionally embraces her. Jasleen comes there. Harman drops the flame on the floor and its hot wax falls on his hand. Soumya awakens yelling Harman Ji, and says how did his hand get singed? She understands it was a fantasy.

Harman considers Soumya and says in the event that she had held up then she would have seen that he didn’t wed her. He says I am only yours Soumya. Soumya says my life has turned into a discipline and until the point that I will be alive, I will miss you each minute, when I wake up, you will be in my discussions and feelings when I rest, you will come in my fantasies.

She says I can’t talk or contact you. She supposes I won’t return in your life as would prefer not to wind up unfavourable in your life. Maybe, I need to carry on with as long as I can remember in your memories. Raavi converses with her sweetheart and asks him what number of young lady companions he has and why he needs to meet her. The man says you are first with whom I need to meet, and hang out with, and calls her close to the sanctuary. Raavi says she will think. A man says I realize that you will come? He says I know you exceptionally well, however you don’t know anything about me. Raavi says this isn’t right. A man says it is enjoyable to know gradually and requests that her rest and have a wonderful rest. Raavi grins and supposes he is a tease.

Sameer comes to Soumya and inquires as to whether she didn’t rest. She says she thought to make some toys. Sameer says in the event that you make toys with this speed then all poor ladies will work for us. His mum says it really is ideal and inquires as to whether God sent her to us.

Jasleen discloses to Saya that Harman may have gone to sanctuary again and will light 21 Diyas on his hand. She inquires as to why Mata Rani isn’t doing this with him. Chameli says we as a whole used to do Aravan Devta puja despite the fact that we have numerous issues. Saya says everything began with Aravan Devta’s puja. They go to Harman. Saya reveals to him that his Ardaas won’t be satisfied here, yet can be satisfied by Aravan Devta. She says you had harmed Aravan Devta and requests that he apologize to him. Harman keeps the Diya there and discloses to Mata Rani that he had offended Aravan Devta and needs to apologize to him. He says Aravan Devta is annoyed with me and requests that Mata Rani prescribe his supplications to him.

Sameer employs ladies to offer toys outside. He requests that Soumya give bin/Tokri to them. Soumya gives them. Sameer and his mum acclaim Soumya. Sameer says wherever she will go, they will make her Devi. Soumya says it this was correct then I wouldn’t have been here. Sameer’s mum requests that he brighten her up and says she may cry. Sameer says you don’t love me since she came here. His mum figures now he will figure out how to brighten up others…

Raavi goes to where the man called her. She calls him where is he? A man says he is close to her and requests that she see the bundle which he kept for her. Raavi inquires as to for what reason did you call me when you would prefer not to meet me. A man says I will come in front of you seeing your tension. He requests that she cull the bloom from the bunch. Raavi sees lovely accessory and expresses gratitude toward him. He says excellent present for a wonderful woman.

Saya inquires as to whether he will go to Aravan Devta’s sanctuary. She says it is the kinnars sanctuary. Harman says I will do the puja and handle individuals and requests that they sit in auto. Saya grins.

Sameer enlightens Soumya concerning insect and elephant’s story and tries to brighten her up. Soumya says she is fine. Sameer says I need to influence you to chuckle like a kid. He says he will move toward becoming monkey and moves in front of her. Soumya thinks back Harman and cries gravely. Sameer calls his mum and says she is crying. His mum asks what was the deal? Sameer gets strict with her and requests that she go and candle shop. Soumya goes. His mum inquires as to for what reason did he annoy her? Sameer says he needed to state that to change her temperament, else wouldn’t be said for the sweet young lady.

Kareena requests that Kishan Lal to give them cash. Kishan Lal gets Harak Singh’s call. Raveena says he didn’t give us cash. Kareena says we might escape in the wake of getting cash. Kishan Lal instructs him to hold up calmly. Harak Singh tells Kishan all that he will do and on his head until the point that he does his work. Kishan Lal inquires as to whether they need to flee with the cash. They say no.

Sameer thinks to utilize new sim card and thinks an organization is putting forth great designs. He puts a new sim in the portable. Soumya comes there. Sameer asks where did she go? Soumya says I went to suffocate dried blooms and some stuff in the lake. Sameer prods her and inquires as to why is she miserable? What’s more, in the event that she will be okay after Chandragrahan is finished. A man goes to the shop and approaches Soumya to indicate toy for 5 years of age kid. Soumya says alright. Man eyes Soumya with awful expectation. Harman comes to Aravan Devta’s sanctuary with Kinnars.




Harman asks in the sanctuary and lights Diya on his hand. Soumya faculties Harman’s hand is scorched and calls him. Harman makes proper acquaintance and acknowledges Soumya is available to come back to work.


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