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Shakti 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Shakti 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Shakti 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Soumya indicating toys to a client. He tries to touch her hand, yet Soumya grasps her hand back. He requests that her show something unique and eyes Soumya with awful aim. Sameer gets irate and inquires as to whether he came to purchase toys, and requests that he play now. He takes him out and beats him.

Soumya requests that Sameer abandon him. Kinnars make courses of action for the Aravan Devta Puja. Chanda says now we can do puja. Saya says we, all kindness will do puja for Soumya. Jasleen says we will likewise do puja with all of you. Nani and Surbhi come there. They tell that they will likewise do puja.

Sameer beats the man. A few men come there and inquire as to whether he has the ill will with a man. Sameer says no and tells that he was rebuffing him. He tells that he regards Soumya and can’t stand to see anybody getting into mischief with her. They

clear out. Soumya inquires as to for what reason did you do this? Sameer says I told that I nurture you and you are my duty, however as per you, just your better half can administer to you, yet in the event that this happens again then I will beat that individual once more. Soumya asks did I request that you do this? Sameer says no and tells that his qualities are unique in relation to hers and requests that her nearby shop and get back home.

In the night, Harman begins doing the puja of Aravan Devta and keeps diya on his hand. Soumya is in the shop. Harman offended Soumya in front of his relatives. Soumya shuts her eyes. Kinnars move while he is standing holding diya on his hand. He tormented Soumya, her words that she will be with him till his marriage happens. He says Soumya.

Soumya sees his hand consuming and opens her eyes stressing for him. She supposes for what reason did I see his hand consuming? She supposes to call him and to ensure that he is fine. She supposes how to call him, however. Harman implores Aravan Devta and requests that he do some supernatural occurrence and sign him that his Soumya is alive. They all overlay hands.

Soumya gets eager and strolls in the shop. All of a sudden box tumbled down in which Sameer had kept sim card. Soumya holds the things back in a box and takes a gander at the sim card. She reviews Harman showing her how to utilize telephone.

She considers on the off chance that she should call him with this new number, at that point supposes she would prefer not to wind up inconvenience for him. She supposes I have a privilege to think about him, I adore him despite the fact that he doesn’t love him, yet I will get some answers concerning him. Harman and others venture out of the sanctuary.

Soumya calls Harman. Harman picks the call and acknowledges Soumya is accessible as needs are and ask who is there? Jasleen asks Harman who is available to come back to work. Soumya gets enthusiastic and hears Jasleen’s voice. Sameer comes there and grabs telephone from Soumya’s hand. He goes about as though it is a wrong call. Harman tells his name. Sameer closes the cancel and switches portable.

Harman approaches that number, yet it is turned off. Surbhi requests that Harman give the number. Sameer says on the off chance that you need, I can drop you and requests that her trade-off and turn into his second spouse on the off chance that she cherishes him to such an extent. Soumya supposes she would have remained there, however, he would prefer not to see her.

Afterwards, Harman considers Soumya. Jasleen comes there. Harman discloses to her that it was Soumya’s call and tells that somebody came there and had taken versatile from her hand. Surbhi approaches the number, yet it is off. Indeed, even Chameli calls Soumya, however, the number is off. Saya tells everybody that today Soumya has associated their relations with her reality and her story will be told in a respectable way.

Jasleen says who could be the person who is with her and says I am concerned for Soumya. She says this world is covetous and clever and Soumya is honest. Harman says it was anything but a wrong number, yet right number. He says in the event that we enquire in regards to the number then we can contact her. I am certain that Aravan devta will help us.

Soumya is in her room and ponders Harman’s affection for admission. Tu hello there mera khuda plays… …… She takes a gander at the toys which she made. She considers Harman and her. She entwines dolls hands saying they are Harman and Gulabo. She says they will be as one generally. She does.

Toward the beginning of the day, Sameer’s mum goes to Soumya’s room and takes a gander at the dolls. She comes to Sameer and requests that he accompany her. Sameer can’t. She requests that he come. They go there. Sameer takes a gander at male and female dolls.

He says Soumya’s doings are as dazzling as her. He says they (dolls) are made for each other. He tells his mum that it is exceptionally shoddy to gaze, somebody, while the individual is resting. He requests that she let Soumya rest and takes a container out.

Harak Singh supposes he is exhausted from sitting on wheel seat and requests that himself get up. Jasleen comes there and requests that he be watchful. Harak Singh says at least somebody looks after me. Jasleen says everybody watches over you. Harak Singh requests that she tell that they were looking Kinnar. Jasleen says I used to imagine that affection occurs amongst people, and requests that he comprehend

Soumya once, at least attempt it once. Harak Singh says what to comprehend when she isn’t alive. Jasleen says we think she is alive and is going to inform him concerning the call, however, Preeto comes there and lies that somebody saw her in Amritsar. Jasleen is astonished. Harak Singh takes off. Preeto discloses to her that Soumya’s adversaries are more in a house, and says we might not tell anybody.

Soumya awakens and supposes where are her dolls? She couldn’t discover them in a room and ponders where it could go? Sameer requests that labourers make male and female dolls Jodi. Soumya comes and stops them, says dolls won’t be coupled. Sameer requests that they proceed.

Soumya requests that he give her dolls and says they are not dolls (for offering reason). He asks what is it at that point? Soumya says I can’t influence you to comprehend and requests that he give, says such toys won’t be made? Sameer says such toys will be made.




Sameer tells somebody that his life improved after somebody came in his life. Kishan Lal hears him and goes shopping. Soumya shrouds her face seeing him and shows toys to him. He asks would you say you are Soumya? Soumya gets strained.


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