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Shakti 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Shakti 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Shakti 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts with Soumya disclosing to Sameer that the dolls are not toys and says such toys won’t be made? Sameer says it will be made? Soumya says they are not toys for me and requests that he give. He drops toy from his hand. Soumya takes a gander at the male doll. Sameer’s mum gets a female toy and keeps in the container. Sameer requests that Soumya do work at work hours, and not to be passionate constantly.

Sameer’s mum requests that her not recall the minutes which harms her and requests that her battle with those recollections and says one day you won’t recollect them. She says in the event that you need then these toys won’t go to advertise, however, I need it to influence it to showcase as I to need you to battle. She says if your mum would have been alive then she would have said the same thing.Harak Singh converses with Kishan Lal and requests that he seek

Soumya close Amritsar. Preeto makes Jasleen hears him. She reveals to Jasleen that Harak Singh despises Soumya and can do anything. Jasleen says Harak Singh needs to get it. Harman comes and requests that Jasleen come, they leave to inquire about the call.

Raavi wears neckband given by her sweetheart and figures Balwinder will never give her such jewellery. Shanno comes and helps her to remember the guarantee that she will give half of the offer from stolen cash. Raavi tells that Balwinder talented her accessory and requests that he tells. Shanno says I came to request that you come to the kitchen. Balwinder asks from where did you get it? Raavi says it is purchased with locker’s cash. Balwinder says you didn’t give me cash that day to purchase the vest. Raavi requests that he go.

Maninder is clearing the street, while Varun requests that he clean appropriately. A few people assemble there. A man requests that he clean the drain. Maninder won’t. Varun says my Sasur will clean the canal now. Maninder takes out the drain cover and puts his hands inside.

Overseer discloses to Harman that he will take off. Harman reveals to Jasleen what we will do now. Jasleen says we will attempt again and says soon we will know something. Harman inquires as to whether Soumya is stuck in an unfortunate situation. Jasleen says she is pure.

Sameer’s mum requests that Soumya call him and requests that he come to shop as house entryway is bolted. She requests that Soumya reprove Sameer as he is extremely vocal/free talks. Sameer meets some person and discloses to him that his business is functioning admirably on account of some four leaf clover. Kishan Lal hears and supposes he should discuss Soumya. He supposes she used to do stunning things in Harak Singh’s manufacturing plant. Sameer comes to shop and says he has brought everything.

Kishan Lal sees Soumya back and supposes she is Soumya. Sameer says he is going to dhaba and approaches should I get nourishment for you. Soumya says yes. Sameer says I will get sustenance allocate the two of us. When Sameer goes, Kishan Lal comes and says I require toys. Soumya sees him in the front mirror and supposes what is Raavi’s Sasur doing here? She shrouds her face and swings to him. Kishan Lal asks who are you? Is it true that you are Soumya?

Sameer returns and sees Kishan Lal inquiring as to whether she is Soumya? He sees Bunty and requests that the demonstration try. He discloses to Kishan Lal that she is his better half and Bunty’s mom. He requests that Kishan Lal not gaze his better half once more, and alarms him taking Bunty’s name. Kishan Lal clears out. Sameer shuts the entryway and puts on a show to chasten Soumya.

Kishan Lal supposes he sees Soumya all around and thinks to leave before that kid comes. Sameer discloses to Soumya that he nurtures her despite the fact that she is hitched to another person and adores him. Soumya requests that he open the entryway and says kid’s mom must look for him. She says thanks to Sameer. Sameer asks do you have children? Soumya thinks back Aditya and gets enthusiastic.

Sameer says on the off chance that you had children then you would have brought them, and says you will be a decent mother. Soumya gets enthusiastic. Sameer says let’s have nourishment. He says the timing was great else this won’t occur again and requests that she stay there.

Harman reveals to Jasleen that his Gulabo is alive and he will most likely discover her. Jasleen says we will glue notices all over. Harman says Soumya was found in Ludhiana, at that point she bounced in the lake, and afterwards this call. Jasleen says I think somebody is attempting to occupy you and that is the reason has done this lake diversion. She says somebody from your home must be behind it.

Harman asks Harak Singh? Jasleen says might be another person. Harman says I will go up against him. Jasleen says first we need to look through her. Soumya says sorry to learn and requests that him not tell anything against her significant other.

Maninder gets unwell. Varun says no compelling reason to go to a specialist and calls him good-for-nothing. Surbhi says you can see his condition and requests that he be peaceful. Maninder tells bebe that he will bite the dust with fever. Sumit comes there. Surbhi says he is having much fever. Sumit says we should take him to a specialist.

Ladies labourers go to Sameer’s shop and give him cash. They advise that they went to reasonable and sold all toys soon. Sameer gives them their offer. They clear out. Sameer says soon we will control on toy world. Soumya says she would prefer not to run the show. Sameer inquires as to why? He says I will change your name and proposes blushing, Gulab… Soumya reviews Harman calling her Gulabo.




Sameer proposes Soumya to remarry. Soumya gets resentful. Sameer says I am not advising anything to him and says might be you will get a decent person than him, you are wonderful and runs the business well, and says anyone will wed her. He inquires as to whether she supposes he will come back to her.


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