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Shakti 21st May 2018 Written Episode Update


Shakti 21st May 2018 Written Episode Update


Shakti 21st May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Preeto telling Nani and Surbhi that she trusts Harman advises her about discovering Soumya. Balwinder comes and gets some information about Raavi’s whereabouts. Shanno says she doesn’t tell or answer anyone. Balwinder says she doesn’t converse with me appropriately.

Chintu says perhaps she went out and requests that they go upstairs and talk, as they are stressed for Soumya. Harak Singh converses with Kishan Lal and tells that you did well by offering cash to Goon/Gill to stop Harman and requests that he hear the arrangement. Harman enlightens Saya and kinnars concerning the goons preventing them from achieving ladies. Saya says somebody wouldn’t like to meet her.

Soumya considers Harman and says he returned to take me. Sameer says he accompanied his second spouse and says his aim was bad and inquires as to whether she doesn’t comprehend this basic thing. He holds her hand. Soumya is tragic and vexed.

Sameer says I look after you and says in the event that he had watched over you then you would have been with him. His mum requests that her not converse with Soumya like this and says possibly he needs to seek you with great expectation, yet in the event that this is on the right track to impart the house to another person. He reveals to Soumya that you have turned into an essential piece of our shop, house, and family.

He says Maa used to recount to me about holy messenger’s story and says you are at the very least a heavenly attendant to me. He says I would prefer not to lose you and don’t need you to go anyplace and get hurt. He requests that she guarantee him that she will never allow them to sit unbothered. Soumya reviews Sameer and his mum’s worried for her. She gives his turn in his grasp.

Simply then a neighbour comes and demonstrates Soumya’s notice. He tells that it is posted all around the city and inquires as to whether she needs to go. Soumya reviews Jasleen telling that they are a couple and gestures no. The neighbour requests that different neighbours accompany him and says they will tear all blurbs. They clear out.

Harman advises that he is exceptionally close to Soumya, yet couldn’t meet and don’t know what number of obstacles and separation are between them. Saya requests that he have tolerance and says whoever sees the publication will illuminate us. Neighbours tear the blurbs. Soumya feels peace realizing that he is looking through her and supposes she quit seeing Jasleen. She supposes no one needs her to return aside from Preeto and him. She supposes she won’t return, never.

Sameer conveys tea and requests that she drink it. Soumya declines and requests that he come. He approaches her to purchase harm for him and says you are imperative for me. Ladies come and offer cash to Sameer. One lady is going to enlighten them regarding Harman, however, Sameer’s mum stops her and requests that they go. Sameer gives him cash and they clear out.

Harman, Jasleen, and Saya see the notice torn. Saya says somebody doesn’t need you to meet Soumya. Jasleen says we were assaulted when we came here, and somebody needs to stop us. She says you know who is he? Harman says everything is interconnected since Harak Singh is shot? Saya says possibly it is a connivance to stop you at home. Harman says it won’t be on the whole correct to converse with Harak Singh, we need to get Kishan Lal to achieve Soumya. Jasleen says then it will be simple for us. Harman says once I know the divider between us, I will make that divider break. Jasleen gestures.

Raavi’s sweetheart Jeet expresses gratitude toward her for the lovely night and offers to drop her home. Raavi says if relatives come to know then it will be an issue. He gives his charge card and says it can help you, in spite of the fact that I am accessible for you. Raavi inquires as to why you are doing this? He says I am enamoured with you and says I can see how you are surviving. I was not in your life previously, but rather now I am and I will keep you and your child cheerful. Raavi dismisses and strolls. Jeet gets steamed.

Harman and Jasleen return home. Harak Singh inquires as to whether she is found? Jasleen says no and advises that they don’t know where to look through her. Harak Singh says I revealed to you that no one can look through her. Preeto inquires as to whether something is found. Harman says somebody is preventing us from achieving Soumya.

He tells everything and says I think Harak Singh… Preeto says don’t you know your dad and requests that he do what he thought and says I am with you. Nani says she is confident to get Soumya. Preeto says yes. Harman says Kishan Lal will be found till night. Surbhi discloses to Preeto that they will leave now and requests that she let them know whether there is any news about Soumya.

Harak and Veeran are out and about. Harak Singh sends Veeran to purchase jalebi. Veeran goes to get it. Kishan Lal conveys Gill with him to meet Harak Singh. Harak Singh gives a check to Gill and requests that he prevent Harman from meeting Soumya, and requests that he give them data about her. Gill gets some information about his connection with Soumya. Harak Singh says he wouldn’t like to let him know and tells that he is her Sasur, yet don’t view her as his bahu. Gill’s man asks him for what reason didn’t he disclose to him that they know her whereabouts. Gill says Soumya is a brilliant hen and says she is great wherever she is and we will keep on taking cash from him. Harak Singh requests that Kishan Lal go before Veeran comes. They all leave. Veeran comes and offers jalebis to Harak Singh.

Sameer and his mum come and sit on a couch. She says it was a tiring day. Sameer says he is worn out. His mum approaches Soumya to make tea for her. Soumya goes to the kitchen. Sameer’s mum requests that he go and help Soumya in the kitchen to win her heart. He asks truly? She requests that he converses with Soumya, appease her and so on. Sameer asks would I be able to make my place in her heart. His mum says yes. Sameer goes to the kitchen and offers assistance. Soumya says she will do. Sameer asks did I prevent you from working in the shop and says he has chosen to take in housework from her. Soumya sees tea bubbling. Sameer holds it and feels torment. His mum supposes he is as yet adolescent. Soumya pleasantly chastens him and applies balm on his hand. She discloses to him that she will channel the tea.

Sameer asks her where did she meet Harman out of the blue. Soumya met Harman out of the blue. She reveals to him that Harman went into her home as somebody was behind him and made her hostage on knifepoint. Sameer is amazed and gets some information about the second time? Soumya reveals to him that he had hijacked her and kept her hostage for 24 hours on knifepoint.

Is Sameer again shocked and requests the third time? Soumya grins and says he had filled my Maang with sindoor. Sameer asks he had grieved you and you began to look all starry eyed at him? Soumya says there is an adoration covered up in his doings. Sameer thinks Soumya likes him as he constrained her. He supposes he isn’t less and thinks to change their companionship into adoration. He supposes to get her.




Sameer admits his adoration to Soumya before everybody. Soumya is stunned. He holds her dupatta to get married. Soumya asks what’s going on with you? Sameer says he will wed her. Soumya slaps him.


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