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Shakti 22nd May 2018 Written Episode Update


Shakti 22nd May 2018 Written Episode Update


Shakti 22nd May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts with Shanno getting some information about tomorrow’s arrangement. Raavi asks which design? Shanno says you prepare every day and goes. Raavi says I don’t think it is important to advise my arrangement to you. Harman requests that Chintu do his work. Chintu requests that they say what to do. Jasleen requests that he hear deliberately. Sameer comes to Soumya and requests that she apply a treatment. Soumya applies a balm on his hand.

Sameer requests that she tell whom she prefers other than Harman, among folks. Soumya says Chintu Ji and tells that he is Harman ji’s nephew. Sameer says even I like children and inquires as to whether she will call him Sameer Ji later likewise and says he will influence her to comprehend her later. Soumya supposes we have moved toward becoming companions, yet you can’t comprehend my torment, you have given me a shield and have completed some help on me. I will make an effort not to hurt you.

Chintu awakens Balwinder and requests that he influence him to converse with Kishan Lal. He tells that he has seen a terrible dream in which two folks were beating him. Balwinder requests that Raavi influence him to get it. Raavi requests that he call him. Balwinder calls Kishan Lal and gives a call to Chintu. Chintu converses with Kishan Lal and requests that he recount the story.

Kishan Lal recounts the story. Harman and Jasleen check the time. Jasleen says only 2 mins. Chintu discloses to him that 2 mins is finished and closes the call, saying he is getting rest. Balwinder comes and requests that the rest. Chintu says he will play the diversion and give telephone later. Balwinder requests that him not ruin his rest. Chintu gives the versatile to Harman. Jasleen says you are a rockstar. Harman lauds him. He calls somebody and gets the area followed. Harman and Jasleen come to Kishan Lal. Kishan Lal opens the entryway and gets stunned.

Harman requests that he recount all story, he asks what was your thought process to shoot at my dad? Did you go to the doctor’s facility that night? He gets some information about broken bangles found in doctor’s facility and how did Soumya’s garments achieve Pond? Kishan Lal consents to let him know and lifts vase to hit him. Harak Singh comes there with Veeran and shoots at Kishan Lal’s legs.

He tells that he has settled his scores with him. Harman inquires as to for what reason shot him to shroud your transgression. Harak Singh says he utilizes a weapon before talking everybody knows. He requests that he take him to the clinic and afterwards ask.

Sameer comes and reveals to Soumya that he will make tea with her and says he has seen how to make tea. Soumya requests that he make tea independent from anyone else. Sameer’s mum comes and requests that Soumya go and make tea. She requests that Sameer wed Soumya. Sameer says she enjoys debilitating, drive and so forth and says she said that Harman and her connection began that way, and tells that he will likewise frighten her, compel her and demonstrate her blade so she begins to look all starry eyed at him.

His mum reproves him and says Soumya likes Harman’s affection, his honesty to discuss their adoration, and demonstrating ideal on her with adoration. She requests that he take an intense choice. Sameer looks on and says thought is great. His mum gets some information about his sentiments to her tomorrow on his birthday. Sameer says on the off chance that she will love me and see Harman in me. Soumya comes and serves tea. Sameer’s mum tells that it is Sameer’s birthday tomorrow. Soumya gets some information about his age. Sameer says he has an eligible age.

Raavi converses with her sweetheart. Jeet discloses to her that he needs to meet her. Raavi says she can’t meet him. Jeet says how my day will go without meeting you. Raavi grins. Balwinder comes and grabs the telephone from her hand. He says my daddy is not kidding in healing centre. Raavi says I was thinking why my dad hasn’t shot him at his chest. Harak Singh says he will shoot him next time.

Balwinder denounces Harman for utilizing Chintu to get Kishan Lal’s number. Harman comes and says in the event that you were not my sister’s better half at that point. Balwinder requests that he murder them. Harak Singh says all is well at this point. Preeto comes there and says Kishan Lal’s announcement is remaining. Harak Singh says you can keep questioning on me, yet until the point that I am alive, I will demonstrate my guiltlessness.

Preeto says we had begun a trick against Soumya and knows you well. Harman says if this is acting then I will get you imprisoned. Harak Singh says human gets hurt with their friends and family. Preeto says we need to hold up till Kishan Lal gets cognizance. Harman says he doesn’t comprehend anything. Jasleen says you were in the healing centre throughout the night, requests that he spruce up and says she will bring breakfast for him. Harak Singh thinks now Kishan Lal’s part is finished and he needs to scan for Soumya.

Soumya and Sameer are leaving for the shop, yet the last’s mum stops her and tells that individuals are seeking you, in the event that they find and take you in those days she will get torment. She requests that she stay at home and make toys. She says we would prefer not to lose you.

Sameer says how she will do my birthday shopping at that point? His mum approaches him to bring saree for her. He gets some information about the shading. Soumya thinks back Harman and requests that Sameer bring any shading aside from orange shading, and goes. Sameer’s mum requests that he bring orange shading saree as it were.

Harman goes to Preeto’s room and keeps his head on her lap. He tells that he is feeling as though Soumya went far from him. Preeto reveals to him that Soumya adores him and will never abandon him.

Soumya is in her room and thinks back Harman and every one of the minutes went through with him. She supposes I am not that Soumya and never felt that I will live far from you, says she is compelling herself to ward off herself from him and his recollections, be it shading, rose, or pulao.

She says I am powerless to avoid you, and says my adoration will never end for you and will dependably be alive even after my passing. I can’t give you full joy and that is the reason you be cheerful in your life and I will be glad here without you.




Sameer admits love to Soumya and holds her dupatta to tie ghatbandhan. Soumya slaps him hard.


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