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Tu Aashiqui 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Tu Aashiqui 9th June 2018 Written Episode Update

Tu Aashiqui 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Tu Aashiqui 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Aparna and Manav discussing Vikram’s scorn and outrage. He says even Sheetal acknowledged Pankti, to what extent will Vikram keep this scorn. She says Vikram is youthful, he lost his father, we ought to comprehend him and overlook his outrage, give him some time, I m beyond any doubt when Pankti comes in this house, Vikram will see our satisfaction and overlook everything. He says we have seen much distress, bliss should come in the family. She says it will happen.

Richa feels glad for Kaira and says you won’t have any issue with the land position. Kaira says it is difficult as I worked in a privately-owned company. They see an opening in Monty’s organization. Kaira says Vikram may feel terrible in the event that I apply here, he won’t comprehend, he is possessive about each connection. Aparna says he is your sibling, he will be content with your success. Richa says I feel you ought to apply. Aparna says yes, apply and see.

Aparna says I have stuffed sustenance for Ahaan. Manav says Ahaan is going London, not wilderness. Aparna says he will miss handcrafted nourishment there, I will give him tiffin. Ahaan gets some information about her gear. Pankti requests that him not get some information about their gear. Kaira gives a rundown of shopping to him. Ahaan says its a major rundown. Aparna requests that they leave, they will get late. Ahaan sees Vikram away and goes to him. Vikram says all the best, I won’t wish Pankti. Ahaan says I comprehend and embraces him.

Ahaan and Pankti clear out. Poorva asks Anita for what good reason isn’t cheerful, Pankti got an opportunity of a lifetime to go London. Anita says Pankti will go to Ahaan’s home, you will run with Monty, what will I do, you call me narrow-minded, I m frightened. Poorva says we will visit you and take care of you. Anita says no, young ladies change after marriage, possibly I require authorization from Monty and Ahaan to converse with both of you, no I have to converse with them to spare my future. Poorva says I comprehend your dread, you are worried about the possibility that you will fall desolate, this won’t occur. Anita goes. Poorva checks low adjust in her records. She considers something. She checks the adornments given by Monty. She supposes to auction it. She grins seeing the adornments.

She says no, this won’t be correct, this won’t be sufficient to give Anita. She appeals to Lord. Kaira checks some office stuff. Manav says I have seen you getting office things. She says yes, I got everything from my work area. She misses office. He requests that is your choice leave organization last. She gestures. He says then you will miss us. She says yes, the new trip doesn’t begin till old one closures. He says I m additionally getting old, don’t abandon me. She grins.

Anita gets urgent and checks her organizer. Poorva asks what’s going on with you. Anita says I m finding my journal. Poorva asks what’s in it. Anita gets the journal. Poorva asks where are you going, let me know. She says you both had an independent mind, let me consider myself. She goes. Poorva says mum will accomplish something awful. She takes after Anita.

Anita checks journal for points of interest. She just discovers old customers’ numbers. She supposes to contact old customers. She says I wish I could get some information about JD’s records, for what reason didn’t I think about this previously. Poorva takes after. Monty calls her and asks where are you. She says I m the following mum, she is soon after cash. He asks should I come there. She says no, I will call you on the off chance that I require help.

Anita meets Manav and shows JD sending cash for Pankti. She requests account subtle elements. He says I have no record subtle elements. She inquires as to why, JD is dead, yet you are his sibling. He says I m saying the truth, I will give you cash, give me your record points of interest. She says fine. He says, however, I have a condition, you won’t come in Ahaan and Pankti’s way. She grins and concurs. He takes off. Poorva comes and says I came to find solutions, I got it, you can never show signs of change. She goes. Anita requests that her tune in.




Ahaan and Pankti meet Aarohi in London. Somebody takes after.

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