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Tu Aashiqui 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Tu Aashiqui 9th June 2018 Written Episode Update

Tu Aashiqui 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Tu Aashiqui 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Reyansh educating Ahaan and Pankti concerning their rooms. He talks sweetly. Ahaan grins. Reyansh says sorry, I will simply come. He goes. Pankti goes to the shop to purchase something for Ahaan. She purchases stink eye for him. Ahaan says Indians will dependably be Indians, you are with me, nobody’s terrible sight can get me. Reyansh says so sweet, Ahaan is correct, nobody can hurt two darlings. Ahaan says anything for you… Reyansh says you concurred so soon, take care of business.

He endowments keychains to Pankti and Ahaan. Ahaan says thanks to him. Pankti says your style to welcome, none did this till now. Reyansh expresses gratitude toward them and asks them to come. Pankti goes to her room. She loves it. She gets stunned hearing a sound. She at that point checks. She discovers Ahaan washing in. She gets him out. He circles. She asks him what is he doing here. He plays with her. She says I have a privilege to request that you go and get rest, with the goal that you can awe the world. She makes him out of the room and requests that he go.

He says see you will come to me yourself. She says I won’t. He goes. Somebody is inside the room. Pankti says I cherish you Ahaan and sees his pic. She rests. Somebody comes to hold her and gets out Babu. She gets stunned and awakens. She says JD’s voice… ..She rushes to Ahaan and requests that he open the entryway. She runs the first floor and embraces Ahaan. He grins. He says I let you know, you will come to me yourself, it’s so frosty here, why are not wearing a couple of garments. He conceals her with his coat. He says sit, I was simply rehearsing. She embraces him.

Anita comes to meet Monty. She says I have come to bargain Poorva, you figured you will get her with no instalment. He says you were upbeat in regards to marriage. She says I needed to talk when Poorva isn’t anywhere near, my little girls are business for me. He gets stunned. She requests ten crores. She says Ahaan additionally paid the same for Pankti, you are richer than Ahaan, you should pay all the more, however, I m giving you a rebate. He says I require some time.

Anita says I thought you adore Poorva and can discard cash on me right, fine I will pause. She goes. Ahaan and Pankti make the most of their chance. Pankti moves and says I believe I can do anything here. He says I can get anything you need. She says dessert. He gets it from a woman. She says cap. He gets it from a man, saying sorry and much appreciated. She says move. He moves. She says you…. He says I m dependably with you.

They stroll in the city. He clicks her pic. She postures. He says you didn’t have a major grin for me till now. She says Reyansh…. Reyansh comes and says awesome romantic tale is going on, however, we have come here for incredible singing, simply set up a decent Indian melody, I will get espresso for you. He goes. Ahaan sings Har dafaa… … in the city. Everybody applauds him. Somebody is demonstrated achieving close. He presses the remote. Ahaan gets an electric stun when he plays the guitar. He blacks out down. Pankti gets stunned and requests that he get up.




Pankti requests that Ahaan take rest. She supposes how did Ahaan gets the electric stun. She goes to get his guitar.



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