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Tu Aashiqui 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Tu Aashiqui 9th June 2018 Written Episode Update

Tu Aashiqui 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Tu Aashiqui 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Ahaan tumbling down in the wake of getting an electric stun. Reyansh and Pankti stress for him. Monty thinks about Anita’s words. Poorva comes to meet him and solicits his decision from a dress. He asks are you content with this marriage. She says yes. He says in the event that I don’t have this office, cash and status, at that point… She says your cash, office, lodge and status don’t make a difference to me, your heart, propensities, identity matter to me, I need to wed you, you paid my cost yet didn’t touch me, you purchased my body yet won my heart, you adored me and regarded me as well.

He grins and says I will arrange an extraordinary tea for you. He arranges tea. She gets a call and reveals to him that she needs to go for dire work. He holds her. He requests that she go. A specialist checks Ahaan and says he appears to have an electric stun, not all that much, he needs rest. Pankti says you got captured by a terrible sight. Reyansh says you got the opportunity to rest. Pankti says I will go in my room, would be spouse. Ahaan smiles. Kaira goes to Monty’s office. Peon gets tea. She thinks it’s for her and calls Monty a decent manager.

She takes the tea and preferences it. She says you are a proprietor of a major realm and still have a basic taste. He says genuine satisfaction is in straightforward things, as Pakoris with tea, basic talks, having corn, gorge cricket. Pankti says I m with Ahaan, might I call uncle and close relative to tell about him. Reyansh yells Pankti and holds her. She gets stunned.

He asks are you approve, no compelling reason to educate family, they will get pressure, I educated Monty, it was a little mischance, simply say all is well and grin. She says all is well. He says simply go and rest now. She goes. She supposes how did Ahaan get an electric stun, is his guitar left there. Vikram gets tragic seeing Sheetal having nourishment in prison. He gets some information about the terrible quality nourishment. Examiner admonishes him. Sheetal gets out Vikram.

Vikram apologizes to an auditor. Vikram goes to Sheetal and says this is a direct result of Pankti, she is getting a charge out of in London. She requests that him not think so and proceed onward. Pankti goes to get the guitar. Somebody comes to there and expels a chip from the guitar. She reaches and picks the guitar. The man escapes. She checks the guitar well. Monty calls Poorva. Poorva gets some adornments. Vikram sees her irately. He reviews Poorva. He says I was frantic to help them, such young ladies ought to be exploited, they are grinning when my family is grieving, they won’t grin ahead, the story just began.

Reyansh says I will wipe out the capacity today. Ahaan says it will be your huge misfortune, I m fine, I can go. Reyansh says I will oversee. Ahaan says, however, Pankti can go. Reyansh says I m so idiotic, I thought you folks are joined together, I overlooked that she can go. Pankti says I won’t go. Reyansh says it will be Ahaan’s misfortune dependably, Tu Aashiqui collection was extremely well known in London, your fans can get baffled, are you persuaded at this point. Ahaan requests that Pankti say yes. Reyansh says I will send an auto for you.

Aparna asks Manav did he go anyplace. Manav says yes, for some pixie work. He demonstrates her bangle and makes her wear it. He says I had sold this. He says I purchased this, whole adornments have come, begin wearing it now. Aparna asks in this circumstance, no it won’t look great. He says the general population who cherish you will rest easy, you will get motivation. Reyansh presents Pankti. Everybody applauds her. Individuals click selfies with her and make inquiries about Ahaan.

Pankti says I don’t trust it myself, how I got such a darling. A man ridicules her. Reyansh gets furious. Pankti says I m an artist, I have come here to share my voice, which is associated with absolute entirety, old style is astounding that interfaces the spirit. The man says then demonstrate to me your spirit. Ahaan comes there and says perhaps you don’t have a clue about, a lovely soul is expected to see an excellent soul. He gets into a battle. Reyansh too helps Ahaan and pummels the person.




Ahaan tumbles down and misses the cable car. Pankti searches for him.


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