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Tu Aashiqui 21st May 2018 Written Episode Update

Tu Aashiqui 9th June 2018 Written Episode Update

Tu Aashiqui 21st May 2018 Written Episode Update


Tu Aashiqui 21st May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Reyansh approaching Manav not to rush for Ahaan’s marriage, as his vocation will get on a high after London trip. Manav says we have been sitting tight for this marriage, Ahaan’s vocation will be great with woman good fortune. Reyansh figures by what means will Babu happen to Ahaan when JD is here. Aparna says I will get desserts.

She requests that Pankti remain back. Richa requests that Pankti remains with them, they will talk throughout the night. Ahaan says yes, please. Pankti concurs. Reyansh says Ahaan, come to the studio on schedule for recording, I have booked a lodging for myself. Ahaan says please remain with us, no inn. Manav says please let me serve you, I demand, remain back. Reyansh says fine on the off chance that all of you are stating. Aparna says Ahaan, take Reyansh to visitor room, Pankti accompanies me.

She requests that Pankti call Anita. She goes to get tea.Pankti calls Anita. Anita asks where are you, when are you coming. Pankti says Aparna requesting that I remain back, I m tired, I will come tomorrow. Anita concurs. She closes call and says Pankti didn’t ask me anything, she has turned into a Dhanrajgir now. Poorva comes to meet Monty. He says you as of now… He sees the cash sack.

He stresses. She says I didn’t wish I m an arrangement for you, I thought we are bound by adoration, for what reason did you pay cash to mum, let me know, are you paying cash for my affection, me or my body, I m officially sold, your affection has gotten me, in the event that you paid the value, at that point do anything you need. He dismisses. She cries. He makes her wear the dupatta. He influences her to sit.

He says I m sorry, I didn’t attempt to purchase your affection, however, to purchase Anita’s rights on you, the purpose behind this is simply adored, I cherish you a great deal, we chose to make this stride after marriage right. She embraces him. Ahaan says sorry Reyansh, it is anything but a room of your level, you remain in five stars, please alter for companionship.

Reyansh says I m prepared to consider street for companionship, this is a stupendous room. Ahaan requests that the rest and goes. Reyansh goes and reviews his minutes at home. He says I used to stay here. He sits on his seat and goes to his own space. He says Ahaan and Pankti got much bliss, now they will get much distress.

Ahaan asks Pankti does she need something. Pankti says no. He says simply think well, you will get what you need. She expresses profound gratitude, however, I don’t need anything. He asks extremely, its last shot, let me know.

She says I need a certain something. He asks what. She says rest and pushes him. She requests that he clear out. He says give me a tight embrace and afterwards perceives how great rest you get. Aparna comes. He says there are numerous mosquitoes here. Aparna asks where have tea. She says have tea quick and after that rest.

Ahaan says I will have it. Aparna says fine, murder the mosquitoes and come. She goes. Ahaan and Pankti grin. Vikram sees Reyansh and says you are still here. Reyansh says yes, it was late, so everybody requesting that I remain back, are you missing your father, it’s excruciating when dear ones leave, however, one who adores you never leaves, trust me, your father is around you, he is feeling your agony, he is tuning in to you. He goes.

Pankti says tea is finished, now go to your room. Ahaan gets sentimental. Kaira comes and requests her endowments. Pankti says we got all that you wrote in the list. Ahaan says you won’t get endowments in the event that you don’t go. Kaira says then you won’t get shows, I joined mood organization.

Pankti embraces and says well done. Kaira requests blessings and goes. Pankti requests that Ahaan go now. He gives her a flying kiss and says let marriage happen once, at that point our room will be same, I will perceive how you make me out.

Vikram sees JD’s pic and reviews Reyansh’s words. He sees Pankti and Poorva’s pics. He says I won’t let you get cheerful as a general rule. He consumes the pics. Richa comes and asks what’s going on with you. He says nothing. She sees Pankti’s pic consuming. She says your outrage and scorn will demolish you. He says I lost my father, he won’t return regardless of whether I do anything.

Reyansh goes to Pankti. She asks that no obstacle comes her way till marriage. He looks on. Anita and Poorva contend. Poorva says leave my hand. Anita falls and acts hurt. Poorva says sorry, come we might go to a specialist. Ahaan says Pankti, it’s my first solo tune, as a result of you.

Pankti says no, as a result of your ability, hard work and assurance. He says I will state a similar when you have enormous tunes. She says I can’t see whatever else than being with you. Reyansh comes. Chief says sorry we needed you to sing for us, you will sing two-part harmony now.

Ahaan says I got my accomplice vocalist with me, Pankti is a rising star, hear her voice once. Reyansh says yes, you should give her a possibility, it’s decent. He signs the chief. He says its opportunity to gain enormous name here. Ahaan and Pankti go for singing. They sing Tere Liye… .. Monty is at the office. Poorva calls him. She is en route with Anita. She leaves a message for Monty.

Reyansh signs Pankti to come. She goes to him. Pankti checks Anita’s message about Anita’s mishap. She gets stunned. Reyansh asks what happened. Pankti says simply disclose to Ahaan that I cleared out. He requests that her fare thee well. She goes. Reyansh says Pankti has gone for the crisis. Ahaan says Pankti’s help is a devil for me, it is more pixie that she turns into a star. He clears out.




Reyansh requests that Ahaan come in the gathering. He says you will realize what occurs there. Pandit says Shagun rasam should begin soon. Aparna says Ahaan will come. Ahaan whips somebody in the gathering.


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