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Tu Aashiqui 23rd May 2018 Written Episode Update

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Tu Aashiqui 23rd May 2018 Written Episode Update


Tu Aashiqui 23rd May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts with Aparna getting shagun and presents for Pankti. She says this is only our adoration. Anita jokes and chuckles. Vikram gazes at Poorva. He compliments her. He converses with her. Pandit gives the mahurat. Anita calls Poorva and says we might get Pankti. Aparna grins seeing Pankti and compliments. Pandit asks will your child come till mahurat. Aparna says yes. Ahaan converses with media.

A person compliments an artist. The artist Rajat takes selfie with a young lady. Reyansh meets Rajat and says you have sung in numerous movies, when thing get old, it gets out, new thing replaces the old, your voice got old, take a gander at the new voice and new face, the future whiz Ahaan. Rajat gets irate. Aparna gives the gems. Anita says I will protect this in. Pankti says I wish Sheetal was with us today. Aparna says her gifts

are with you, she will be out of prison soon. She gives shagun bangles to Pankti and says Ahaan will influence you to wear it. Pankit grins.

Reyansh spikes a drink and requests that Ahaan have it. Ahaan gets Pankti’s call. He gives the uplifting news. He says I m more intrigued to wind up your significant other than turning into a star. She says they come soon. He says I m coming, watch my news byte till now. She says fine. He says bye, I cherish you. Ahaan drinks. Pankti drops the shagun. They all get stunned.

Monty requests that Ahaan not drink, it’s his shagun today. Reyansh takes the glass from him. Ahaan runs with Monty. Aparna says it is anything but a decent shagun. Manav says I don’t put stock in this, Pankti we will get another mirror, don’t stress, all of you appreciate.

Reyansh stops Ahaan and says some prominent media correspondents are seeking a meeting, don’t go. Ahaan says I need to go for shagun. Reyansh requests that Monty advise Ahaan to deal with media, its devil, its useful for his profession. Monty says its moment exposure. Reyansh requests that he hold a wine glass close by.

Ahaan runs with him. Richa says don’t stress, a few people call glass breaking a hint of something better over the horizon. Ahaan gives meet. Monty asks Ahaan is he alcoholic. Reyansh says it is anything but a major ordeal. Monty says we might clear out. Rajat stops Ahaan and contends with him. Ahaan gets furious and says my family is sitting tight for me, I have to go. Rajat gets offending Ahaan. Reyansh gets glad.

Pandit asks where is Ahaan. Pankti says he will come. Rajat says the party isn’t finished, I heard you got a young lady to sing two-part harmony with you. Aparna requests that Manav call Ahaan. Manav calls Ahaan and Reyansh. He says don’t know where did they go. Rajat asks did she satisfy the maker, call her, where is she. Ahaan punches his face. Pandit says its only five mins for mahurat, there is no mahurat till next 2 months.

Pankti says come soon Ahaan. Ahaan battles with Rajat. Monty stresses. Gatekeepers stop the battle. Reyansh grins. Pandit says mahurat is finished, I should clear out. Everybody gets miserable. Visitors clear out. Music executive stops Ahaan and chastens him. He says our organization can’t work with you, I m scratching off your agreement now. Reyansh grins. Ahaan gets stunned.

Aparna says Manav, call Ahaan or Reyansh. Manav tries once more. He neglects to contact them. Reyansh comes and says sorry, Ahaan can’t come, I took him there, I m too bad. Manav asks where is Ahaan. Reyansh says please switch on the television. They see Ahaan on news channel. They get stunned. Pankti cries. Reyansh supposes I swindled passing, I won’t let you happen to another person, no chance.




Reyansh sees his veil peel and covers it. Pankti takes a gander at him.

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